Thursday, 1 October 2009

Vote 'NO' please.

It took the Irish 300 years and countless lives to win freedom from their English oppressors. How sadly ironic would it be if they now surrender that freedom to a dictatorial, undemocratic and elitist superstate, which will come into being if they vote yes to the Lisbon treaty along with the Czechs later this year.
Given the expediency of the banking crisis and the extent to which it affects the Irish economy on cannot but wonder if it's effects were 'amplified' in order that the Eurocrats could hold exactly the loaded gun to the head of the Irish populace that establishment figures which he must surely be if he deigns to make a brief excursion into the realms of politics on behalf of the corporatist who benefit most from a political union like O'Leary of Ryan Air are wielding.
I sincerely hope that the Irish vote NO and resist the blatant blackmail of economic ruin. I for one would face penury in order to preserve my freedom if I were Irish.


  1. Unfortunately, if the Irish ratify the treaty, we no longer have a democracy. So I don't think anyone is going to listen....