Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Liebore you are a busted flush and you will be flushed away!

Now look here you nasty media chaps...will you stop asking Leader yellow streak Brown the wrong questions. It would be best if you presented your proposed questions to Pinocchio Mandy for vetting. In that way the Public, who do not understand complex issues, can have the right questions selected to give them the correct answers. Simple? yes! You are all chumps anyway. Yes of course Pinocchio snake Mandy said chumps not cunts! Get it right!

As for yellow streak Gordon Brown I have no doubt he is a man with a life long mission who believes in his own vision, his problem seems to be the great socialist experiment has failed. The hard facts of life are there are winners and losers, most of us hang on to the shirt tails of the winners for survival. The very best any government can achieve is to provide equal opportunity to all but you cannot use legislation to ensure we are all the of the same standing. A feckless 15 year old who gets pregnant as a lifestyle choice is classed in the same category as a young British army widow both as single parents. The fundamental difference is clear but the pregnant teenager will receive far more state assistance. The pension crisis was very much attenuated by yellow streak Browns tax raid on pension funds but this seems to be consigned to history. The crumbling ruins of New Liebore, a party that squandered the wealth of a nation, destroyed the pensions and savings of the generation that rebuilt the UK after the previous Labour disaster. How could they be trusted now? They opened the borders, they failed the British working people, they allowed corruption to run rife and worse than that, they failed every the British voter and treated the electorate with contempt. They are a busted flush and they will be flushed away!

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