Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Yellow streak Brown, you have shown us the future. A totalitarian nightmare.

Listening to yellow streak Brown oppose taking innocent peoples DNA off the database reminds me of why I first started despising them. They have no respect for liberty, decency or the law. The introduction of compulsory ID cards for British citizens in the next parliament is how to learn absolutely nothing. What I feel the public wants and needs from Labour on this issue is a complete and unequivocal commitment to scrap the scheme, for now and for ever, thus proving they're actually making some attempt to listen.
Yellow streak Brown deserves to be crucified by the media for still relying on weasel words and promises full of loopholes at this stage in the game, and for him not to be would only be lazy and passive journalism.
Electoral reform is nice but I recall Tony Bliar standing on such a ticket in '97 and that got very swiftly swept under the carpet once it ceased looking like it would be to his advantage. I don't think even Bliar credited quite how effective the combination of FPTP and pandering to the swing constituencies would be until after that election.
Listening to yellow streak Brown mock the vast majority of Britons who oppose further EU integration reminded me how out of touch they are. I'm pro-EU, but anti-federalism. Hardly an extreme position, why should this be discounted?
Listening to him promise tax increase for middle earners by cutting child tax credits reminded me just how much he really is about the national debt. If he is going to increase taxes, it should be to reduce debt for our children, it shouldn't go to handouts.
The whole tone and content of the speech was dishonest. Spending is going to fall. If spending falls, services shrink – unless your deluded enough to believe governments can actually spend money more efficiently. He still, STILL, cannot admit the truth. Shameful.

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