Tuesday, 8 September 2009

With yellow streak Brown and Liebore at the helm, stand by for a double-dip recession .

The British economy is being driven by government spending and employment when this comes to an end we will see whether we are out of a recession.
It must be nice to get paid to write drivel about the UK economy coming out of recession after a quarter growth of o.2%; how many BILLIONS of pounds have the Bank of England printed in the same period!
Of course its getting better for the moment; we have our industry coming back, our people are well educated and we have ideas that are about to change the world. Maybe in 20 years time when we have really learnt and then maybe then the real recovery will start so that is something to ponder on.
The recession will be over when all Britons who want to work have a job; that the £ is worth 1.3 euros and I will be receiving 5% on my savings.

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