Friday, 11 September 2009

So just what have we got for our £16 million? Yet another whitewash.

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I said this from the start; even before BMW sold Rover, the moment this Liebore government got involved with a bunch of their cronies, I knew Rover was about to see the lid of their coffin. And true to form, it did.
The Phoenix 4 were nothing but capitalist making a quick buck in my view. Rover also sealed its fate because it did not want to change its ways. BMW should have first sacked all the top managers when they bought Rover but because the news papers here were making a big thing about a German company buying a British one, BMW failed to do that.
One of the reasons behind Rovers demise is that the cars were old designs and basically not up to today's standard. It was the fault of the consortium that no new models were designed. The company had already been stitched up by BMW, who cherry picked the best products from the company portfolio (such as the new Mini) and left the "rubbish" behind. If Alchemy had taken over the company there would have been exciting new niche cars produced by the factory and, although many jobs would have still gone maybe a couple of thousand would have been saved and the business could have grown with time. But then that can't be seen to happen under Liebore now, can it?
Trying to make a proper car while the rest of the workforce is against change is like trying to get yellow streak Gordon Brown to admit his failures as chancellor and PM.
What else do you expect from Liebore? They rushed in with the £6 million of our money so say to save MG Rover but all they were doing was to save themselves electoral defeat in the West Midlands in the general election in 2005. Like all things they rush into, it was bound to end in disaster, such as the human rights act which seems to only help criminals and the 10% basic rate of tax which punished the worst off.
Nothing they do appears to be thought through and now we have 6000 people out of a job, at least £22 million of taxpayers money wasted and 5 people counting their money. Is this what Liebore mean when they suggest they are caring?
Why also did snake Mandelson (of all people) call the Serious Fraud Office in to investigate somebody else? This barmy Liebore loony bandwagon gets barmier by the minute.
We are used to a raving lunacy a day, the Independent Safeguarding Authority persecuting parents, with ours (and their) money, being the latest. But snake Mandelson calling the Serious Fraud Office? For sheer cheek that takes some beating. Maybe he just enjoys having a really good laugh once in a while.

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