Sunday, 13 September 2009

"Yellow streak Brown will insist Britain is on the 'road to recovery' this week as he seeks trade union support for reining in public services."

Tax - Payers - Alliance issued a report last Thursday saying that they've identified £50 billion in waste that wouldn't affect services. But will take a degree of bravery from a Government to carry it through. This Government doesn't have the guts - let's hope the Conservatives will.
Public Spending Cuts doesn't just mean cuts to those employed directly. All those funny Quangos and Agencies will be first against the wall.
The Unions need to be "broken." The current Government is afraid of them - backed down several times on issues of pay & pensions.
I'm sure many people in Public Sector "work hard" but tend to clock watch and pace themselves to a far greater extent. Plus there is an endemic culture of sick leave (16 days/yr on av) and nannying which stifles achievement & standing out.
The failure to cut Public expenditure is only going to add more to the debt mountain later. The electorate want a General Election now over this issue Mr yellow streak Brown !
First of all explain why we have a debt mountain in the first place. Then tell us how much you have committed the nation to have to pay back in the future?
Tell us when and how this will be happening?
Tell us how you propose to do it. Taxes, you can forget while the nation remains jobless and on short term working.
Sort out the Banks and get them to pay back what they owe the taxpayer(with interest)
Then tell us why we should trust you and your Government with the nations future if you dare. No, yellow streak Brown and snake Mandelson you know you are acknowledged as the ones running this economy into the ground. Neither of them holds a mandate from the electorate for the position they currently hold. This clearly demonstates their disdain for democracy. And the difference between Britain and Afghanistan or Zimbabwe is?
Once a communist, always a communist, rotten to the core.

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