Sunday, 27 September 2009

The country deserves better!

The Liebore Conference is a farce. They couldn't fill the conference hall for yellow streak Brown's opening speech. That shows how Liebore membership has deserted their Party. It really is turning into the yellow streak Brown show. He has become a pathetic figure who couldn't even lead his followers to the EXIT. His record is abysmal, the electorate know Labour have ruined the country and the best they can hope for is to get more votes than the environmental groups. How many times has the political obituary of yellow streak Gordon Brown been written, and how many times has he launched a comeback?
Return, fight back, comeback, whatever the label, each time the event is backed by the evidence of the polls that clearly show him personally and the Liebore Party in general sinking lower and lower in the opinion of the public. He is now so low that he cannot even manage a "dead cat bounce"
On the Andrew Marr Show on BBC One Mr Brown firmly rebuffed suggestions, by Charles Clarke, the former Home Secretary, and others, that he may use deteriorating eyesight as an excuse to leave Downing Street early. He also faced public questioning for the first time on rumours circulating at Westminster that he is dependent on prescription painkillers. The Prime Minister responded: “No. I think this is the sort of questioning which is all too often entering the lexicon of British politics.” This line of questions by Marr, won't work.
You've given Liebore an easy ride, year in-year out since you joined the Biased Broadcasting Corp. A few snide questions (which we know weren't answered anyway) won't save you and your bosses when the next government comes along.
Well according to the grimaces yellow streak Brown pulls in an attempt to put on a brave face, he certainly looks like a tormented person, staying on as prime minister is proof enough that his mental approach is more in keeping with his own egotistic view than any concern for the well being of his country, he looks like a lost soul wondering in the wilderness with no apparent control over his own personal stability.
When the Norwegian PM was afflicted by depression he informed his country, asked for a leave on health grounds, was treated, and when he recovered he returned to his post.
Do I have to move to Scandinavia to live in a civilised country?!
Shame on yellow streak Brown, on the Liebore Party, on our press, and on us all, for allowing these shambles.
As time advances remorselessly toward the June 2010 deadline, political choices narrow and options shrink, yet the job of actually governing the UK is neglected further and further. The country deserves better!

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