Wednesday, 2 September 2009

What worries me is that some stupid people may believe yellow streak Brown's nonsensical claims and vote him in at the next election.

Yellow streak Brown unveiled plans yesterday to curb youth unemployment by creating 85,000 jobs and training places.
The yellow streak Prime Minister said more than 150 firms, including Royal Mail, Microsoft, Centrica and Phones4U, will provide apprenticeships and training.
But the proposals were quickly condemned as a sham after it was revealed that 36,000 people already employed by Morrison's were included in the figures.
Another stupid statement by yellow streak Brown, he goes from bad to worse.
And here's me thinking that they were only telling us the other day that we would have to work until we're 70. So they don't care about everyone else who isn't in this age group? Typical cherry picking of a certain age group to help and never mind fairness.
The real problem isn't young people not getting jobs - it's that there aren't enough jobs so the inexperienced aren't getting a look in. Try fixing the economy and putting small business tax back down to where it was and you'll do more good.
I note who the employers include:
Royal Mail (Propped up by taxpayer)
Supermarkets (Big financial concerns with a lot of influence on Government already, likely to get even bigger for helping yellow streak Gordy out)
Centrica (Will Ofgem be too hard on their pricing policies now?)
Pfizer (NHS contracts)
Microsoft (Again potential IT supply to public sector)
I have said it before until we have a return of manufacturing to this country the younger generation will continue to be unemployed. Manufacturing would find a place for everyone, from the brightest to people who could not even read or write but where not afraid of hard work. Manufacturing will be the saviour of this country not the service industry,which as we have seen is not to be trusted just like liebore.
Manufacturing is where real wages are earned not the mickey mouse wages which is the minimum wage. How the hell are you suppose to raise a family or pay a mortgage on less than 6 pounds an hour? If a job has to be subsidised with benefits it's not a real job.


  1. Yes, Britain always had a strong manufacturing base but the Unions overplayed their hand in the 80s and Blair carried on by investing in 'services' and IT. IT's fine but not everyone is capable or interested. There just isn't the mix of jobs available to suit the different capabilities. If you travel North there's a lot of once-solid manufacturing industries paved over with theme parks and tourist attractions.

  2. Having spent the last 25 years transferring our manufacturing technology to Korea, Brasil, Mexico and India; I think that now is the time to say enough is enough, don't you?