Monday, 7 September 2009

Lacklustre, dour and depressing. My words exactly !

Barack Obama found yellow streak Gordon Brown 'lacklustre' and 'depressing' to be around when he first met the Prime Minister, according to a new biography. A British reporter who enjoyed unparalleled access to the U.S. President during his historic election campaign said Mr Obama and his aides detected 'an end of regime feel' when he first met Mr yellow streak Brown in July last year.
Newsweek journalist Richard Wolffe revealed the future president was much more impressed with Tory leader David Cameron's 'verve and dynamism' during his trip to London.
The embarrassing revelations come amid renewed claims in Westminster that Mr yellow streak Brown will face a fresh leadership crisis this autumn.
Liebore backbenchers who share the views of the senior White House officials say they are looking for ways of forcing him out in October, after Liebore's party conference.
Forget thinking yellow streak Brown will step aside or do the decent thing. He won't quit, he is stubborn, he has Hitlers mentality of 'knowing best' and fighting on until the Russians are just yards away.
He also wants like all the crooked MP's to hang on so as his gold-plated pension and PM's severance pay will kick in next June. If his party try to oust him, he will threaten them with an instant dissolution of parliament which would lose them even more seats and cut their severance and pensions too. So no, we are stuck with the control freak who is stuck at the political gambling table until June hoping for one more streak of luck that might change his fortune or until our money runs out and then he will be kicked out and we are swamped in all his debts!


  1. Aye - anyway ye look at it the futures no very bright. As Leonard Cohen wrote:

    "I've seen the future baby and it is murder."

  2. Scunnert why are you always right!