Monday, 14 September 2009

Why is this man making all the announcements, has the Prime Minister resigned or left the country?

Anyone who listened to snake
Mandelson's evasive greasy responses this morning on the Today Programme and to the LSE will have no doubt that the Party is over for Liebore.
If I wanted to hear about Tory polices I'll ask them, to say that they are "foaming at the mouth" is childish.
I'm foaming at the mouth over the cumulative disaster of 12 years to Labour misrule.
I'm foaming a the mouth over Brown's raid on pensions.
I'm foaming at the mouth over Liebore mismanagement of the economy.
I'm foaming at the mouth over "an end to boom and bust"
But most of all LORD snake Mandelson, I'm foaming at the mouth having to listen to your claptrap especially from an unelected politician.
As for the Conservatives "foaming at the mouth with excitement" at the prospect of making cuts, what the hell is all that about? I've heard of other left leaning posters talking about Tories wanking over increasing efficiency/increasing unemployment. I don't get it.
Wise spenders? Honestly the man is risible. He then makes it worse by reminding us that this is what was promised in their 1997 manifesto i.e. to be wise spenders and not to simply throw money at problems. To expect us to buy the idea that they could BECOME wise spenders is pushing it, to say this is exactly what they have been doing for the last 12 years beggars belief - we all know they've been spending cash like there is no tomorrow.
And what is this nonsense with point blankly refusing to say the actual word "cuts"?
If he said "There may have to be cuts in some areas", does he really think we will all be jumping around saying "Ha ha – he said cuts, he said cuts - see"! Refusing to say a particular word when we all know what's coming, I have never heard anything so ridiculous.
Once a spin doctor, always a spin doctor.
Lets have an election now and let the people decide who's telling the truth

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