Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Just bought the Sun and read it.BEAUTIFUL !

So the Sun has abandoned the yellow streak prime minister and gone over to support the Tories. I'm sure they will not be the last.
At the beginning of the day we see Brown parading down orchestrated rows of applauding "chimps" hugging them and shaking their hands, then his wife stands up in what we are meant to believe is a speech written by her to tell us "what a great guy he is" all this to try and make the public believe he is popular, then at the end of the day after the Sun revelation we see him skulking out of a back door in the dark churlishly brushing off the reporters and their cameras storming ahead of his wife and leaving her to scramble through barriers alone. So it doesn't take much to see what the truth is about the man.
I think you will find that Liebore have become a lame horse in the eyes of anybody with a brain. Not really sure how the Tories can make the country any worse than it already is.
I'm also astonished that anybody can say he was a good Chancellor. Do we need to talk about the pension fiasco, housing bubble, consumer debt bubble, gold sell off, increased public sector payroll (not front line services as we were told), record fiscal deficit, no more boom and bust, not saving money during the fat years etc etc. That's before we move onto the fact that he helped take us into two nice wars...... the man is an idiot. Even without the financial crisis he was running out of money, no plan other than spend, spend, spend.
If Cameron was in charge during the banking crisis he would have done the same as yellow streak Brown, that would be what the Treasury told him to do.
As for public services; even an idiot can see we cannot keep spending as much money as we have been doing. It makes no difference who gets in, the axe will fall as the people who actually pay tax have already been cleaned out and we could do without the IMF here again.

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