Sunday, 20 September 2009

If this tax money can be cut to readily, why was it being spent in the first place?

Just a minute: £2,000,000,000! That's a lot of money to save. Can we assume then that is the precise amount of our money that Balls has been wasting? I'm pleased to note that Balls has been working on efficiency plans (cuts) for several months, although his boss seems to have been unaware of it! Surely, everyone is entitled to a proper explanation; either yellow streak Brown has been lying to us all for the last two years, or else he has decided to make a "U" turn on his policy. Which is it? He can't duck answering on such an important matter. He must be hounded until he does - although we can wait and wait!
Yellow streak Brown spent week after week at PMQ shouting that the Tories were determined to make spending cuts equivalent to thousands of job losses - so many police, nurses, doctors, etc.
Now, after absolutely "no cuts", his henchman, Balls, tells the world that loads of education jobs can be eliminated "without damaging teaching quality". Logically, they weren't necessary in the first place and that "non-jobs" form a significant proportion of the "three million jobs created by Labour". Nevertheless, those people, having been reassured for so long that jobs were secure, ought to take whatever militant action they can to embarrass this dishonest, dishonorable regime - proven by their own words and actions.
Hence, can we expect a big cut in NHS jobs for the same reason - not necessary?
Why wait until 2011 to implement these?
Come on Balls , get off your backside and start delivering it now.

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