Thursday, 3 September 2009

Who was it that said: 'For God's sake go!'.

In a stark message aimed at Germany and France, which want the G20 leading nations to discuss "exit strategies" from measures to stimulate their economies, dumbledorf Darling insisted that governments must carry on spending to ensure the global economy returns to sustainable growth next year."My view is that the biggest single risk to recovery is that people think the job is done,"
Mr dumbledorf Darling, please stop pretending you know the first thing about matters financial or fiscal (and tell your yellow streak boss, when in a hole, stop digging) - the first thing one does, if heavily in debt, is reduce spending. Which, if you'll notice, most of us have had to do.
We've had socialism for the rich, socialism for the city, socialism for the banks, now dumbledorf Darling wants the world to extend socialism to the British Economy. Socialism was supposed to be a redirection of wealth, not a way of life.
He put us into this mess by encouraging excessive spending, he has made things worse by excessive spending, and now he wants everyone else to do the same.
Our system relies on credit and it also relies on not letting credit get out of control. We're all credit junkies, and dumbledorf Darling is advocating hot fixes instead of rehab.
Personally, the UK economy is held together with I.O.U's galore. Money lending has become a way of life, or more to the point away of destroying life.
Quite elegant, the way that globalisation, has raided our economy and made total charlies of us all.................................Now we have to rely on the "whoever".
I always look for a silver lining, a little glimmer of hope on the horizon but the only one I can find is the thought that once these incompetents are ousted from power they will never regain it in my lifetime. For God's sake please go!

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