Friday, 4 September 2009

Playing politics with the troops lives, what a pathetic individual he is.

I have just watched the two soldiers returned today, and the parade through Wootton Bassett. At the same time Mr yellow streak Brown stood making his speech about Afghanistan and all the equipment he has and is sending .Well for me it isn't coming across for us to stay Mr yellow streak Brown, its as usual all you you you. You can speak as much as you like; please let the Afghans sort themselves out; we can't build a country we haven't the money for one thing or the troops.
Just like Vietnam, Mr yellow streak Brown is now trying the Nixon plan to pull out and save his political skin, but the fact remains that is now the second of Liebore wars lost! First we were run out of Basra and now its time to run from Afghanistan. I feel sorry for the poor soldiers just following orders, they now have to try and not be the last one to die in a needless war that the British people neither wanted or support. It did prove one thing though, that our so called European "partners" are total cowards when it came to time to support the British Army, so much for the EU.
Mr yellow streak Brown what a pathetic idiot you are. What knowledge have you of service life and armed combat? I bet the only service he was ever in was probably the Boy Scouts! He couldn't run a piss up in a brewery.
He is beginning to sound more and more like Adolf Hitler who also was a barm pot when he comes out with rhetoric of winning the war. Please grow up and come out of cloud cuckoo land. No nation on earth has ever beaten the Afghans on their own ground and certainly in our life time no one ever will.
Remember, Hitler telling Von Paulus in 1942 to fight to the last man at Stalingrad, whilst he, Hitler, was 60 feet underground and safe from bombings of all kind. That brilliant piece of leadership cost the Germans and Russians almost 740,000 troops, either killed, badly wounded or taken prisoner never to be seen again. Hitler couldn't careless about throwing young lives away just like you Mr yellow streak Brown.
Please Mr yellow streak Brown, go, and take all your cronies with you.