Friday, 31 July 2009

A great man and manager.

A true gentleman, a passionate football man who has always been honest, dedicated and genuine.
We will miss you Bobby; I will always remember you.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

It's looking increasingly like Peter Mandelson is actually the boss, the unelected boss of an unelected PM.

Last night on newsnight there was snake skinned Mandelson actually saying that first of all, he's abandoned the crude talk of Labour investments versus Tory cuts. He now talks of a choice between what he describes as substantial adjustments by Labour ministers, in comparison with savage cuts delivered gleefully by their Tory opponents.
I have never heard the glee in their voices when announcing possible cuts and it certainly won't be there when they discover the true state of this country's finances!
Golly, I thought kamikaze Brown and snake skinned Mandelson planned that Ministers would pop up all over the place to announce "initiatives" during the Parliamentary recess. Don't they know there is supposed to be a close season?
snake skinned Mandelson " talks of a choice between what he describes as substantial adjustments by Labour ministers..."
For goodness sake, why can't these people stop talking in SPIN and get back to English.
There will be CUTS, regardless who takes power next year.
The Treasury publication shows that snake skinned Lord Mandy's own department will have a "growth (as Brown would put it) of MINUS 20 percent in 2010/11.
Why can't these people be honest?
I would gleefully take an axe to the special advisers in Whitehall. And make every IT contract and consultancy engagement contingent on the delivery of the "promised" results. So you say you'll improve efficiency? Do it and we'll pay you from the benefits delivered.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

But this is what you get when you put someone in charge of the military whose only "working" experience is as a shop steward for 20 years.

One of the British soldiers at the centre of a 'petty' Government court challenge to reduce compensation for wounded servicemen is back fighting in Afghanistan.
Light Dragoon Anthony Duncan is fighting on the front line on his first tour of duty since a bullet ripped through his leg while he was serving in Iraq in 2005. It took him two years of rehab before he was fit again and he shipped out this April for a six-month tour just as the Afghan war headed towards its most bloody phase so far.
I cannot imagine an issue more likely to undermine morale than an attempt by the MOD to cheat injured soldiers out of compensation awarded to them by the courts. The action of MOD simply beggars belief.We need to chuck out this whole dreadful, self-seeking and dishonourable rabble of a government and replace them with proper leaders of integrity.
Another reason to get rid of this government then!
It is false economy to not have a good compensation structure. If we expect the best soldiers to fight for this country, then we need to pay, on every level.
From equipment, wages, conditions, and compensation packages for the dead and wounded. FREEDOM DOES NOT COME CHEAP.
Politicians need to get the message, Don't go to war if you can't afford the cost.
A bit like don't bail out banks then moan when they rip us off again!

Monday, 27 July 2009

You'd think after 12 years they'd get it, but obviously not.

You will always be 2nd class with Labour!

In a speech to the Universities vice chancellors today Lord Meddleson had a dig at elite universities, asking: “Why, for all the work in the sector and all the seriousness with which it has tackled this question, are we still making only limited progress in widening access to higher education to young people from poorer backgrounds — especially at our most selective universities? It is not enough for universities simply to confer life advantages from one generation of professionals to their children.”

Either snake in the grass Meddleson does not know where the problem is, in which case he would be a fool, or he knows and is just spinning, in which case he is a hypocrite.
If he would waste less time spinning and get on with the job of ensuring that our state schools deliver a reasonable proportion of sixth form students with the intellectual tools necessary for a University education, he would do the country an enormous service.
It is after all, only what New Liebore should have been doing for the last twelve years - or what his grandfather's Old Liebore should have done sixty years ago.
This government has created a large number of 3rd rate "universities" and now seeks to drag our remaining excellent universities down to a remedial level of higher education to match the dreadful and declining standards of the school system. The maxim seems to be quantity not quality in the name of equality. Crass, utterly crass!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

The dumbledorf's Darling Buds of May

dumbledorf Darling, speaking on BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show, said: ‘I am extremely concerned at what the banks are doing for the small and medium-sized businesses.' 'What companies are being charged does seem to have gone up relative to what banks are actually having to pay.’ dumbledorf Darling acknowledged that banks needed to rebuild their balance sheets. But he added: ‘We also need them to lend and that’s why we recapitalised them.' They've got to live up to the promises they made.’

dumbledorf Darling's grasp of reality is certainly not one that commands respect, from businessmen or, one imagines, psychiatrists.
The policy of re floating banks was always a disaster. As any sailor knows, you can't re float a hulk if it's still leaking like a sieve. The banks were given an unconditional gift of billions of pounds and told to go forth and do business. They did - boosting their revenue and profitability, reassuring their shareholders and looking after their senior managers with renewed bonuses. Anyone else could go hang. Loans are on grotesque margins and bear no relationship to the cost of capital. Government has exercised zero control over its - our - investment except to try to get it back, creating confused responsibilities for banks.
Northern Rock, the earliest beneficiary, is still charging 4.9% on locked-in mortgages - having passed on precisely nothing of the reduction in base rates.
So much for government policy. What's worked? Well, scrappage. I don't personally like a reflation policy that only helps people who can afford a new car, but that's nuliebore for you. And the fact is that it has improved fortunes in the auto industry. So, why not do more in terms of direct consumer and taxpayer support? After all, if you want people to spend, wouldn't it be a good idea to help them feel a bit more solvent? They will buy products and services which support small business, still trying desperately to hang on while banks charge them usurious rates for working cash. But this is not part of dumbledorf Darling's plan, and we can only assume that government is more concerned about protecting the bonus culture than actually taking care of business. So what's new?

Saturday, 25 July 2009

At last an Honourable Member.

I am not surprised by Andrew MacKinlay's decision. He always comes over as an honest and principled man.

It is a shame that Thurrock will now be deprived of his services. Even more so that it has been brought about by the depths to which his own colleagues have fallen. Can someone please tell me what the Government Whips said to the Liebore MPs to make them change their minds?
This whole nonsense in sending Gary McKinnon to America is just another of the many examples of ''dictatorship'' in action by kamikaze Brown. Despite Brown's protestations that he is ''sympathetic to his plight'' it is just another of the many lies Brown has told us.
He above all people had the absolute power to stop the extradition of McKinnon, but choose not to.
Brown is a hypocrite, a liar, and for this reason he hasn't got a chance in hell of ever being elected by the people of this country. And this is why he will wait until the last possible second before calling an election.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Clarkson crashes into trouble with C-word attack on PM

Clarkson, who previously had to apologise to Gordon Brown in February after calling him "a one-eyed Scottish idiot", described him as a "c--t" in not-for-broadcast comments during the recording of this week's Top Gear programme on Wednesday night.
At the filming of the previous week's programme, on 15 July, Clarkson also used the same word to describe Brown as part of a joke. "Clarkson was talking about a government policy and said as his payoff line: 'The reason you can't do that is because Gordon Brown is a c--t'. "Everyone found it very funny."
Come on Jeremy you missed two words you should of said "one eyed c--t"

Let's hope that kamikaze Gordon loses his deposit at the next General Election, then the message will be clear.

The only reason voters deserted Labour in their droves is because they have been completely disillusioned with this utter apology of a Government. They know, as does 80% of the electorate, that the only way forward, although it's going to be difficult, is to wipe the current shower of rubbish off the political map.

kamikaze Brown and Cronies have ably demonstrated that Socialism has no place in modern day democracies.
The only thing that amazes me is that there is a significant number of people who still think that Labour is doing a good job!
The only joy I get from Politics nowadays is kamikaze Brown being humiliated a small price to pay for the destruction of our Country.
The man is a vile stinking liar along with the rest of his useless Cabinet. If we are lucky it won't be 18 years in opposition it'll be at least 30 before we forget just how nasty and inept Socialists are.
This country is crying out for a General Election. The last time I checked we lived in a democracy. So kamikaze Brown... behave democratically and call a General Election. If you're electable you have nothing to fear.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Forget the Taliban, Britain's real enemy is the Liebore Party.

Maybe Foulkes, Malloch-Brown and the kamikaze save the world Brown should try a stint on the front line with the equipment currently used by our forces before they start shouting their mouths off.
What gives succour to the enemy is the increasing number of Soldiers killed and wounded by roadside IED's, the predictability of routes taken because of the lack of resources in equipment and helicopters.
Obviously Lord Foulkes has again shown that the self-made regulatory low standards of behaviour of incumbents in the House of Lords can still be devalued further.
Apart from talking utter rubbish in this instance, Foulkes is giving succour & comfort to everyone who wants to see the Liebour party reduced to holding its annual conference in a 'phone-box'.
His efforts would have been better placed in securing proper gear for our lads and lasses out there, and then maybe there would be no need for their commanders to go to the public and media for extra support.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Brown, have a happy holiday and please don't come back!

A mountain of bad news was buried by the Government as it rushed out reports and 26 ministerial statements the day before MP's go on holiday.
The dangerous state of the public finances was laid bare by the reports, which showed that the Government’s tax take plummeted by £32 billion last year. Figures from HM Revenue & Customs showed income tax, national insurance, VAT, stamp duty and corporation tax fell by £21 billion, while other debts and legal liabilities had cut income by a further £10 billion.
The figures were disclosed as the National Audit Office refused to sign off six sets of Whitehall accounts because of fraud, error, over payments and IT problems.
The accounts, covering billions of pounds, included the Ministry of Defence, the Treasury, the Revenue, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Home Office and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.
The annoying thing, I mean the 'really' annoying thing, is that these people think that they can still get away with this deceitful stupidity. Deceitful of course. But surely this is a splendid opportunity for the Opposition parties to make a head on attack?
The media and the Bloggers don't go on holiday for 82 days! Shoot kamikaze Brown in the other foot and spoil his happy holiday.

Four fingers good, two fingers better!

Damian McPoison, 35, who quit Downing Street over the Tory email scandal, gave an unprecedented insight into the spinning battles between Blairites and Brownites which for years have been officially denied as ever taking place.

A pathetic attempt to rewrite history; newliebour just never stop the spinning. It will only cease once this shambles of a government is thrown out of office.
The very idea that a hand picked advisor working right in the centre of government had hatched a plot his boss knew nothing about just beggars belief. But still they attempt to spin their version of events now that Damian McPoison is off for his rehab at his catholic Alma mater.
Whatever next?
Tony Blair was speechless when he discovered there were no WMDs to be found in Iraq.
David Blunkett was speechless when he found out that sleeping with his girlfriend had got her pregnant.
Gordon Brown was speechless when he learned what the banks had done with his deregulation.

It's not spin, it's new spin like we've never seen it before; so utterly ridiculous and incredible as to be immediately discredited.
What is the point of this government lumbering along lying to us for another ten months?

Call an election.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

A black Monday, mark my words and you will see.

A Black-Monday-for-kamikaze Brown-as-debts-spiral who will face further pressure to bring Labour’s spiralling public spending under control with a rash of grim warnings about the Government's finances.

What does it take to get this fool out of power?
I am so fed up with all the expense fiasco, the lies, the cheating, the fraud, the back biting, u-turn after u-turn, not giving our troops the resources to do their job, the promised referendums that never were, the spiralling immigration and a promise Not to stop the flow of immigrants until we reach 9 million!

When Brown took control of the countries finances we had:-
A decent private sector pension schemes, now gone.
A stable housing market, now gone.
Reasonable food prices, now gone.
Reasonable fuel prices, now gone.
Reasonable energy prices, now gone.
Reasonable interest paid on savings, now gone.
A country that felt comfortable to live in, now gone.
The billions he lost selling so much of our gold, it now stands at $1000 per ounce!
The billions he spent with the 3 B's on an illegal war in Iraq.
The billions still being spent on a war in Afghanistan that will never be won with all the resultant deaths of our young men.
The billions given to all the immigrants most of which gets sent back home to their families.
The billions of foreign aid which goes straight into dictators pockets.
The billions spent on quangos and useless IT projects.
The billions spent on snoopers and ID cards.
The billions spent on do nothing administrators and his cronies.
The billions spent on the workshy benefit scroungers and last but not least the many billions he has used to bail out the banks who are currently giving the two fingered salute at him and us.
This one eyed buffoon is crippling our proud nation and is laughing at us while he does it - please get him out before it is too late.
This Idiot, was chosen to lead his own party, and not elected to be our Prime Minister by the people. He will not be happy until he has ruined this country and sold it down the "Swanee" into Europe.
He and his dishonest cronies are bankrupting not only this generation, but the next and the next. Any housewife will tell you, you can't spend your way out of debt? "Get it Brown?"
We know he is incapable of doing the right thing, the honest thing, the moral thing. This has been proved time and time again.
It was the same Bumbling wanker who as Chancellor, sowed the seeds for this recession and he will not own up to that either.
The mad one eyed Jock, could not organize sex in a brothel.
He will not only go down in history as this countries only un-elected Prime Minister, but as this countries worst Prime Minister - Ever.
To me it will be Black Monday if this man is still in Downing Street on Tuesday!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

kamikaze Gordon Brown says NO

GoToCountryNow - epetition response

We received a petition with 6500 signatures asking for:

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to call a general election immediately.”

Details of Petition:

“The last two local elections have shown that the people are no longer prepared to tolerate Nu-Labour without a mandate. Gordon Brown is a spent force and MUST now immediately go to the country - anything less will be be outright political fraud and maintenance of their expensive troughing lifestyles at all cost.”

Read the Government’s response

Thank you for your e-petition.

As you may be aware, a general election must be called before June 2010, when the whole country will have an opportunity to express their point of view.

In the meantime, you may be interested to read the Government’s recently published plan, Building Britain’s Future. The document sets out a radical vision for a fairer, stronger and more prosperous society for all.

You can read the proposals, and take part in the debate about the country’s future, at the following website.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Kinnocks are unprincipled, political prostitutes and Blair is a warmongering pimp

Tony Blair is a contender to become the first president of the EU with the full backing of the British government, the new Europe minister said today. These were the words of Glenys Kinnock.
What can we do to prevent this? A petition against the prospect of President Blair has been circulating for more than a year. Please sign it.

We, European citizens of all origins and of all political persuasions, wish to express our total opposition to the nomination of Tony Blair to the Presidency of the European Council.

The Treaty of Lisbon provides for the new post of President of the European Council, to be elected by the Council for a mandate, renewable once only, of two and a half years. Under the terms of the Treaty: "The President of the European Council shall chair it and drive forward its work" and "shall ensure the preparation and continuity of the work of the European Council". Further, "The President of the European Council shall, at his level and in that capacity, ensure the external representation of the Union on issues concerning its common foreign and security policy".

The future President of the European Council will therefore have a key role in determining the policies of the European Union and its relations with the rest of the world. This first Council Presidency will also have a major symbolic weight for both citizens of the European Union and for the image of the Union in the rest of the world. In this perspective, we believe it is essential that the first president embodies the spirit and values of the European project.

For some time now, increasingly insistent news reports have made evident a wish, in some quarters, to see Tony Blair appointed the first President of the European Council. This appointment, were it to take place, would be in total contradiction with the values professed by the European project.

In violation of international law, Tony Blair committed his country to a war in Iraq that a large majority of European citizens opposed. This war has claimed hundreds of thousands of victims and displaced millions of refugees. It has been a major factor in today's profound destabilisation of the Middle East, and has weakened world security. In order to lead his country into war, Mr Blair made systematic use of fabricated evidence and the manipulation of information. His role in the Iraq war would weigh heavily on the image of the Union in the world, should he in fact be named its president.

The steps taken by Tony Blair's government, and his complicity with the Bush administration in the illegal programme of "extraordinary renditions", have led to an unprecedented decline in civil liberties. This is in contradiction with the terms of the European Convention of Human Rights, which is an integral part of the treaty.

The European Charter of Fundamental Rights formalises the founding values of the European project and is one of the pillars of the new treaty. Tony Blair fought its inclusion in the Treaty of Lisbon, and eventually managed to secure an exemption for the UK.

Rather than move European integration forward, the former British Prime Minister set a series of so-called red lines during the Lisbon negotiations, with the intent of blocking any progress in social issues and tax harmonisation, as well as common defence and foreign policy.

Furthermore, it seems unthinkable that the first President of the European Council should be the former head of a government that kept its country out of two key elements of the construction of Europe: the Schengen area of free movement of people and the Euro zone.

At a time when one of the priorities of the European institutions is to reconnect with its citizens, we believe it is essential that the President of the European Council should be a person with whom a majority of citizens can identify, rather than one rejected by a majority. Therefore, we declare our total opposition to this nomination.

Wikileaks state that the News of the World didn't go far enough.

UK phone hacking scandal: The News of the World didn't go far enough

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July 10, 2009

This week the British paper, The News of the World, was condemned by The Guardian for hiring private investigators. The investigators were alleged to have accessed messages left on the answering machines of thousands of the UK's social and political elite. The information was used (possibly unknowingly) by the paper to develop its stories.


The News of the World didn't go far enough. Earlier this year, WikiLeaks released 86 telephone recordings of corrupt Peruvian politicians and businessmen. The revelations became the front page of every major paper in Peru and the journalists involved, such as Pablo O'Brian, became national heroes.

Europe has had its fair share of similar exposés. Italy's Prodi government was toppled by such revelations and in December 2007, Silvio Berlusconi, who was then opposition leader, was himself exposed on a phone call leaked from an anti-corruption investigation. Further revelations from Berlusconi's circle were expected later this year, but by May the Italian Prime Minister had introduced "British style" legislation to prevent the Italian press from publishing them. Berlusconi justified the new law by saying that the privacy of Italian citizens was threatened by the press.

Now in Britain, we see similar sanctimonious hand-wringing over the "privacy rights" of the British elite. These individuals, through active scheming and quiet acceptance, have turned the UK into what Privacy International now bills as an "Endemic Surveillance Society". Barely a month goes by without the government and its supporters pushing another Orwellian state surveillance scheme. But now, like Berlusconi, these elites purport a sudden interest in protecting the privacy rights of the people, not by rolling back such schemes, but by gagging the press.

Despite this, the Guardian, in seeing an opportunity to attack a journalistic and a class rival, has been doing its level best to castrate British Journalism by tut-tuting in article after article about the News' alleged sourcing improprieties; A tabloid newspaper doing investigative journalism! Journalists skirting the law to expose the truth! The long suffering of British billionaires—and the Royalty! And did we mention that the News' is owned by Rupert Murdoch?—so, um.. you know, the enemy of my enemy and all that! The Guardian's coverage is disproportionate. It is moral opportunism. It is the worst kind of snobbery. It is an excuse to mention tabloid stories in a broadsheet. And it is dangerous. The result be will a publishing climate and probably legislation aimed at keeping the British public in the dark. The implicit lionization of nanny journalism by the Guardian is shameful.

The right to freedom of speech is not short hand for the right to pontificate. We defend speech freedoms for their connection to a deeper underlying concept—the Right to Know. Without understanding the world around us we can not function. Without an informed public, democracy has no meaning and civilization is adrift. Through understanding the truth about ourselves and the world around us, we are able to advance and survive. Ultimately our understanding depends on discovering primary sources. Everything else is speculation.

The News of the World should have released the tapes made by its private investigators. Those exposed are the usual clients of such private intelligence firms. The democratic process should not be denied the same high quality information that businessmen, celebrities and oligarchs acquire on a daily basis.

The real scandal is not that some British papers used private investigators to find out what the public wants to know. It is that more did not. It is that the News' was extorted out of a million pounds because the relevant British legislation does not have an accessible public interest defense for the disclosure of telephone recordings. Until it does, despite the risks, journalists who take their fourth estate role seriously are obligated not to take the legislation seriously.

The actions of major newspapers are "voted on" every day by their readers. Whatever their faults, popular newspapers remain the most visible and the most democratically accountable institutions in the country. Their mandate to inform the public vastly exceeds that granted to the unelected and the rarely elected at Westminster, who are nonetheless quick to grant themselves a blanket exemption from all censorship.

Because there can be no meaningful democracy without an independent press to inform voters, government must not be able to control what the press can publish. The people must control the press. Let the jury of readers regulate newspapers. If they don't approve of a newspaper's actions, they'll bankrupt it.

Thomas Jefferson had it right when he stated, "If forced to choose between government without the press and the press without government, I would surely choose the latter."

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Who are the real fascists?

These BNP members have been democratically voted into the EU Parliament so anyone who is against this fact must be the real fascists. The BNP should keep their promises to the electorate unlike those who have caused the current mess.
I'm not a BNP supporter but Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons have been lawfully and democratically elected. The actions of Diane Dodds and Glenys Kinnock will do nothing but ferment support for Griffin and give the BNP yet more free publicity but calling Glenys Kinnock a prostitute is a slur on prostitutes everywhere. They at least perform a useful and honest public service,whereas Glenys is just a freeloading,sponger,who along with her equally useless husband do neither.
The social elite tell me I live in a Democracy.
Yet, I live in a dictatorship.
What kamikaze Brown wants is what I get. As for the rest, it is an ‘old boys club’. Although I disagree with the BNP, alas we need the BNP to gain some seats in Parliament.
That is the only way that change will take place.
The MPs are arrogant and corrupt and are not listening to what the ordinary people want. All I get from all the politicians are lies.
Regarding democracy, what about the House of Lords and the Regional Assemblies, both unelected. Both sit above the County Councils. What about the Scots, Welsh and Northern Island MPs voting on English matters!
I hear from time to time about how they are going to listen to the people, what they mean is listen to the same old interest groups that do not talk for me.
OK you social elite, tell me once again about Democracy.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

How on earth do these mealy-mouthed politicians sleep at night.

The Prime Minister insisted that operations to drive the Taliban from Helmand was making 'considerable progress'. What exactly does he mean? how is he measuring it? for that matter, what is he measuring? Brown has no interest in the Army, knows nothing of conflict management, and has only discovered soldiers because they produce great photo opportunities.

This Labour Government has driven our country to bankruptcy - so there is no extra cash saved away for a rainy day - such as the odd war or two.
They would prefer to use taxpayers monies to prop up failed Banks and Institutions,to keep the BBC in the style to which it has grown accustomed and to shell out on corrupt MP's and their second homes and expenses. We have no reserves. This country is way out of depth in debt and to expect our brave young men and women to fight for their lives on a shoestring and is despicable.
This is a Government which prefers spending money on themselves and their kind, hence the cost to the UK taxpayer of £500 million each year for keeping all the politicians in power. We have no leadership in government, this is because we have a government made up entirely of town hall civil servants, promoted way beyond their ability and intelligence. They have absolutely no idea how to run a country. Brown especially is the worst. A 'legend' in his own mind, he throws money at everything except at the important things. He refuses to listen to anyone but his cronies and Mandelson and ploughs on regardless.
We need a general election now as we cannot afford our troops keep getting unnecessarily slaughtered as they only have the equipment you would expect in a "Dad's Army".

Saturday, 11 July 2009

All you people can do is say they have better kit now.

It's sad that this war has to be fought, however Afghanistan is quite unstable with the threat of the Taliban and their support from inside Pakistan. This is my first post about Afghanistan but now I feel it is time to comment about it.

The cost in British lives, if you are not aware, is very apparent to the ordinary people of this country. I might also add the Army are very aware of the financial cost and the callous indifference of this Liebore Government to paying a penny more; to provide the squaddies with decent kit so they can better do their job and stand a greater chance of coming home intact.
You people in power are totally to blame for this mess. You sent the boys in without any idea in your empty heads what they were supposed to do when they got there. You still have no strategy. You have consistently denied the Armed Services, in these wars, decent and adequate kit and manpower and you continue to lie about it.
Even now prime minister Brown you are in denial about your callous disregard for the lives and welfare of the soldiers, marines and airmen at the Liebore Government's beck and call. Every Wednesday you pay homage to all the service personnel who lost their lives in your wars.
All your people can do is say they have better kit now. They may have better kit now but is it adequate for the job. No, it is not. It is woefully and disgracefully inadequate.
If we leave now we will be blamed for any future problems in the country and rightly so. If we stay we will be blamed for any future problems in the country and rightly so. We have created a no win situation through our own arrogance and short sightedness.
As our boys continue to die, there seems to be no end to this war. The question is who is supplying arms to Taliban. They cannot fight such a long war without some very active support from some quarters. What are we doing to cut off these supply routes?
My feeling is that as we created the current problems we should do something to help. With hindsight the use of the phrase "It's sad that this war has to be fought", was wrong. I think we should be there doing something to make up for our past mistakes. What this is I don't know?

So come on Brown you saved the world's financial crisis now take charge of the Armed forces and save our troops from more bloodshed.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Here pontificates John Prescott, todays standard bearer for conduct in public life.(what a joke!)

My letter to David Cameron

I've just sent this letter to Cameron asking how he can be 'very relaxed' about allegations that link Andy Coulson to phone hacking.

Mr Prescott is very peeved about this telephone hacking business. "I'm glad to see that thanks to my calls, the Metropolitan police, the culture, media and sport select committee and the Press Complaints Commission are now investigating these claims." he says in one paragraph from his letter .

"Ah hell, too good an opportunity to miss".

But this is the real John Prescott:

Has never voted on a transparent Parliament.

Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards.

Voted strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.

Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.

Voted strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.

Supports the government's right to stick their nose up every body's arse looking for information, but objects to the same being done to MP's.

New Liebore. Same old bollocks.

This letter is good example of the spin that is put on the story i.e. Tory this Tory that by the Guardian.
If only the Guardian would focus on the News of the World and then management it would not come across as political point scoring and tribalism.
This story has nothing to do with the Conservative party in any real sense -Ala Tory Watergate - despite the better attempts of the bitter-left. If evidence surfaces that Coulson new more or was personally involved then, and only then, will it show a lack of judgement by Cameron.
Until then to hold the Conservative responsible for what happened by a then private individual in a private newspaper is bordering on "Tin Helmet" level political analysis.

Now back to Prescott this is far better than the above!

Punternet is to the sex trade what Hansard is to British politics: A web site which reports the ins and outs of a rough trade. Today a big political beast adds his authority to proceedings. Step forward the former Deputy Prime Minister....

Field Report 6910101010. Posted on August 1, 2006.

From: John Prescott
Sticky Hands Sauna & Massage, Mansfield

The Place: There you go again. You media. Look, I want to make it clear from the outlet that I was there on political business. Discussing The Levellers, a long-held passion of mine. Nothing else.

A long-standing arrangement. Agreed with my diary secretary.


And now that it's been raised in the gutter press, I have of course disclosed it to the Parliamentary watchdog on ethics. Or will do, soon as I’m finished with this unwarranted intrusion from the media.

Description: Nothing fancy, so you can get that out of your minds. Right now.

The staff: I want to say three things about the Sticky Hands:

One. It is an oustanding example of a multicultural community.

Sofia: Must be a Catholic as she says she’s from Italy.

Yasmin: A Muslim, obviously. Albeit white. And with a lot of tattoos.

And the other girl. Wossname, one of those Buddhas.

Two. The way they were dressed was of their own free choice. And I have always believed in a woman’s right to choose. Her underwear. And all the other gubbins.

Comments: Believe you me, the public don’t give a monkeys about this stuff. Oh no. It’s all got up by the BBC. And the gutter press. And the posh papers. Blaggers on the intranet. Sky News. ITN. Channel 4. Left-wing magazines. Heat. Right-wing magazines. Talk Radio. Local newspapers. Richard & Judy. Oprah. Socialist Worker. Private Eye. Jeremy Kyle. Larry King. Larry Sanders. Radio Grimsby. That’s all.


Do I have to repeat that I was in Mansfield on legitimate Government activities? I am handing over a new business model to my successor and when I saw the sign saying Model, I was up for a vigorous debate. The pros and cons. The cut and thrust. A hands-on approach. Bringing my considerable weight to bear on the issues. Pushing my point home. As the voters have every right to expect.


I had no idea that Tony, the manager, has an interest in the Mansfield Yee-Haw Western Theme Park. Nor that it is a candidate for Regional Aid Development Funding and a 24-hour drinks and lap-dancing licence. Plus slot machines. None of these has any relevance to me, in any event, in my role as Minister for Regional Aid, Drinks, Lap-dancing and Slot Machines. So button it.


Recommended: I won't dignify that with an answer.

Would you return: It's just been brought to my attention that some readers might entirely misconstruct my interest in The Levellers with the anarchic rock band of the same name. The Levellers I wanted to discuss was the radical political movement of the 17th century, obviously. So you can stop that intonet hypolink tomfoolery right now. I've given my answer and I've changed it and I'm saying no more on that.

With apologies to: John Prescott and Punternet

Monday, 6 July 2009

The Phoenix Four they need to find Mr.Wick

The former directors of MG Rover – John Towers, Peter Beale, Nick Stephenson and John Edwards, known as the Phoenix Four have reacted with fury.
They need a John Wick, the former SAS officer and the whistleblower in the MP's expenses scandal to try and find a mole to get this report out in the public arena as soon as possible.

With a criminal investigation by the SFO now a possibility, the release of the report into the failings at MG Rover, including possible mistakes by the Government, will be delayed.
In a statement made on Monday, Lord Meddlesome announced that the findings cannot yet be made public for legal reasons. In other words a cover up for good old Liebore.
The dossier has taken four years to compile and to release information about what is written in this report as expected to be published this month. This report which has cost the tax payer 16 million pounds and has taken 4 years to compile will now add yet another year or two of more cost to the tax payer and more aggravation for the Phoenix Four.
The inquiry by BDO Stoy Hayward partner Gervase MacGregor has run for more than four years and has been delayed once already. Last year the Phoenix Four protested that the inquiry had not focused enough on the role played by Government ministers in the collapse of MG Rover. The complaint led to another round of interviews and delayed the report for almost a year.
This report, which is expected to show how Labour wasted £6m propping up the car company for a few extra days in the run-up to the 2005 general election, could (will) be delayed until after the next general election.

That's another 1,000 votes Brown can count on, then!

That's another 1,000 votes Brown can count on, then!

Nineteen murderers and 12 rapists are among almost a thousand criminals who are missing and being hunted by police after they broke the terms of their release from jail.
Liebour’s reckless early release scheme and lax approach to probation is putting the public at greater risk.
Why the hell does Straw still have his job ? What a bumbling incompetent fool. One incident, one murder. one attack by a child molester and this idiot has blood on his hands.
Brown's ineptitude and mealy mouthed promises about Law and Order have no creditability just like the rest of his cronies in charge of the asylum. Liebour, my arse, are just a bunch of avaricious power mad selfish nobodies.
Never mind we still have Mandelson so God help us all!

WikiLeaks; charities get the MP's disease

It seems that embroiled UK charity Novas Scarman is not keen on having its dirty laundry aired. On June 23, 2009, WikiLeaks released "UK charity Novas Scarman Group looted, confidential auditors report, 15 Dec 2008". Although the UK press have so far missed the ball on this doozy of a report, Novas Scarman management was alerted to it by an investigative journalist. Apparently wanting to make sure the report disappears before more reporters get wind of it, the charity threatened to sue WikiLeaks. Novas Scarmand demanded that the report be removed, claiming it was obtained "in breach of confidence". However, WikiLeaks will not remove the report.

Hundreds of the most vulnerable tenants in the UK may soon have no where to live.

In 2007 three significant UK charities, the Novas Group (Charity of the Year, 2007), PATH and the Scarman Trust merged to form the Novas Scarman Group:

"The Novas Group was Charity of the Year in 2007 and combines support for vulnerable individuals with major programmes of social enterprise development
The Scarman Trust pioneered support for grassroots social entrepreneurs and recently helped to develop proposals for a new Social Investment Bank – backed by both Gordon Brown and David Cameron
PATH supports Black and Minority Ethnic entrants to professions and has recently been given both the RTPI and Civil Service Diversity Award"[1]

Yet by December 2008, the new group was in undeclared bankruptcy.

Auditors BDO Story Hayward were commissioned to investigate the group. This file presents their confidential final report. It reveals that:

  • Monies from funders "have been deliberately been hidden from central and local Government and Novas’ regulator."
  • There were many substantial and irregular payments and or subsidies to executives and staff, from corporate credit cards to expensive art purchases.
  • At present, Novas is unable to pay creditors as they fall due, with a number of creditors have threatened/begun legal action against Novas.
  • Major housing assets must be disposed of to have a hope of medium term viability.
  • The accounts for the Scarman Trust were lost at the time of the merger.
  • There is not sufficient cash-flow to complete Arlington House, despite over 7,000,000 pounds already having been spent.
  • Novas, as it currently stands, does not appear viable in the short or long term.
  • The actions of Michael Wake, Maria Donoghue-Mills and Terry Lau may be regarded as misconduct.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Keystone Cops! What a disgrace.

These two Police dogs had been left to die from the heat outside Nottinghamshire Police headquarters in their van. Their handler, who has not been named but is described by colleagues as 'very experienced', has not been suspended. But he has been interviewed by an RSPCA inspector and could be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act.

Nobody is suspended! Well there should be, this is a shameful incident on two defenceless animals, who would have given their lives for their handlers in the in the right circumstances.
Can anybody imagine the agony and suffering of such a death? They must have gone crazy.
Animals are like children. As adults we are responsible for their welfare. There is no excuse for such neglect.
Claiming that it was a mistake is unacceptable. Those responsible should be punished to the full extent of the law and never be allowed to work with dogs again.
This goes to show if you allow the Police to Police the Police, they can do what they like to whoever they like.
Rest in peace.


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

"Please Sir I have always told the truth”

I listened to PMQ with a sense of de ja vu. The same old nonsense trotted out by the debilitated Prime Minister who still doesn't seem to comprehend that the electorate just don't believe that gorgon Brown can keep on spending funds the nation just doesn't have.
We are up to our eyes in debt for God's sake.
0% increase. Is that the increase in Browns intelligence over the last 12 years. The worst Chancellor and Prime Minister EVER. Even worse than the 'Puppet master' bad is that!
Once again gorgon Brown has got there and lied when he said it the recession makes it impossible to predict future performance. That's exactly what his Chancellor did in his recent budget and calculated his borrowing requirements accordingly for projected Government spending. Brown is beyond contempt.
"I have always told the truth,” the gorgon Brown said in a BBC interview. I have always told people as it is. I have explained we have a deficit reduction plan for the future. But you cannot do that without growth and employment in your economy.
gorgon Brown is clearly delusional, a spitting-image caricature of himself, mired in Orwellian-News speak where black is white and white is black, utterly unable to be straight or honest, acting only in his own interests, not the nation's.Terrible, for the man and the country, that it has reached this.

Lord Meddelson told the House of Lords that there was no prospect of finding a buyer to acquire a 30 per cent stake in Royal Mail in current market conditions. And yet last year when you announced the plans the market conditions were the same as today. Why don't you admit it you got it all wrong!

Mandelson, you are a devious prevaricator, you have been exposed, the country knows you for what you are. We are not all fools and it distresses me to be treated like a fool by the likes of you. I can't wait for the voters of this country to rub your nose in the pungent mess liebour will leave behind.