Sunday, 12 July 2009

How on earth do these mealy-mouthed politicians sleep at night.

The Prime Minister insisted that operations to drive the Taliban from Helmand was making 'considerable progress'. What exactly does he mean? how is he measuring it? for that matter, what is he measuring? Brown has no interest in the Army, knows nothing of conflict management, and has only discovered soldiers because they produce great photo opportunities.

This Labour Government has driven our country to bankruptcy - so there is no extra cash saved away for a rainy day - such as the odd war or two.
They would prefer to use taxpayers monies to prop up failed Banks and Institutions,to keep the BBC in the style to which it has grown accustomed and to shell out on corrupt MP's and their second homes and expenses. We have no reserves. This country is way out of depth in debt and to expect our brave young men and women to fight for their lives on a shoestring and is despicable.
This is a Government which prefers spending money on themselves and their kind, hence the cost to the UK taxpayer of £500 million each year for keeping all the politicians in power. We have no leadership in government, this is because we have a government made up entirely of town hall civil servants, promoted way beyond their ability and intelligence. They have absolutely no idea how to run a country. Brown especially is the worst. A 'legend' in his own mind, he throws money at everything except at the important things. He refuses to listen to anyone but his cronies and Mandelson and ploughs on regardless.
We need a general election now as we cannot afford our troops keep getting unnecessarily slaughtered as they only have the equipment you would expect in a "Dad's Army".

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