Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Who are the real fascists?

These BNP members have been democratically voted into the EU Parliament so anyone who is against this fact must be the real fascists. The BNP should keep their promises to the electorate unlike those who have caused the current mess.
I'm not a BNP supporter but Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons have been lawfully and democratically elected. The actions of Diane Dodds and Glenys Kinnock will do nothing but ferment support for Griffin and give the BNP yet more free publicity but calling Glenys Kinnock a prostitute is a slur on prostitutes everywhere. They at least perform a useful and honest public service,whereas Glenys is just a freeloading,sponger,who along with her equally useless husband do neither.
The social elite tell me I live in a Democracy.
Yet, I live in a dictatorship.
What kamikaze Brown wants is what I get. As for the rest, it is an ‘old boys club’. Although I disagree with the BNP, alas we need the BNP to gain some seats in Parliament.
That is the only way that change will take place.
The MPs are arrogant and corrupt and are not listening to what the ordinary people want. All I get from all the politicians are lies.
Regarding democracy, what about the House of Lords and the Regional Assemblies, both unelected. Both sit above the County Councils. What about the Scots, Welsh and Northern Island MPs voting on English matters!
I hear from time to time about how they are going to listen to the people, what they mean is listen to the same old interest groups that do not talk for me.
OK you social elite, tell me once again about Democracy.

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