Friday, 24 July 2009

Let's hope that kamikaze Gordon loses his deposit at the next General Election, then the message will be clear.

The only reason voters deserted Labour in their droves is because they have been completely disillusioned with this utter apology of a Government. They know, as does 80% of the electorate, that the only way forward, although it's going to be difficult, is to wipe the current shower of rubbish off the political map.

kamikaze Brown and Cronies have ably demonstrated that Socialism has no place in modern day democracies.
The only thing that amazes me is that there is a significant number of people who still think that Labour is doing a good job!
The only joy I get from Politics nowadays is kamikaze Brown being humiliated a small price to pay for the destruction of our Country.
The man is a vile stinking liar along with the rest of his useless Cabinet. If we are lucky it won't be 18 years in opposition it'll be at least 30 before we forget just how nasty and inept Socialists are.
This country is crying out for a General Election. The last time I checked we lived in a democracy. So kamikaze Brown... behave democratically and call a General Election. If you're electable you have nothing to fear.

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