Tuesday, 28 July 2009

But this is what you get when you put someone in charge of the military whose only "working" experience is as a shop steward for 20 years.

One of the British soldiers at the centre of a 'petty' Government court challenge to reduce compensation for wounded servicemen is back fighting in Afghanistan.
Light Dragoon Anthony Duncan is fighting on the front line on his first tour of duty since a bullet ripped through his leg while he was serving in Iraq in 2005. It took him two years of rehab before he was fit again and he shipped out this April for a six-month tour just as the Afghan war headed towards its most bloody phase so far.
I cannot imagine an issue more likely to undermine morale than an attempt by the MOD to cheat injured soldiers out of compensation awarded to them by the courts. The action of MOD simply beggars belief.We need to chuck out this whole dreadful, self-seeking and dishonourable rabble of a government and replace them with proper leaders of integrity.
Another reason to get rid of this government then!
It is false economy to not have a good compensation structure. If we expect the best soldiers to fight for this country, then we need to pay, on every level.
From equipment, wages, conditions, and compensation packages for the dead and wounded. FREEDOM DOES NOT COME CHEAP.
Politicians need to get the message, Don't go to war if you can't afford the cost.
A bit like don't bail out banks then moan when they rip us off again!

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