Friday, 10 July 2009

Here pontificates John Prescott, todays standard bearer for conduct in public life.(what a joke!)

My letter to David Cameron

I've just sent this letter to Cameron asking how he can be 'very relaxed' about allegations that link Andy Coulson to phone hacking.

Mr Prescott is very peeved about this telephone hacking business. "I'm glad to see that thanks to my calls, the Metropolitan police, the culture, media and sport select committee and the Press Complaints Commission are now investigating these claims." he says in one paragraph from his letter .

"Ah hell, too good an opportunity to miss".

But this is the real John Prescott:

Has never voted on a transparent Parliament.

Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards.

Voted strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.

Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.

Voted strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.

Supports the government's right to stick their nose up every body's arse looking for information, but objects to the same being done to MP's.

New Liebore. Same old bollocks.

This letter is good example of the spin that is put on the story i.e. Tory this Tory that by the Guardian.
If only the Guardian would focus on the News of the World and then management it would not come across as political point scoring and tribalism.
This story has nothing to do with the Conservative party in any real sense -Ala Tory Watergate - despite the better attempts of the bitter-left. If evidence surfaces that Coulson new more or was personally involved then, and only then, will it show a lack of judgement by Cameron.
Until then to hold the Conservative responsible for what happened by a then private individual in a private newspaper is bordering on "Tin Helmet" level political analysis.

Now back to Prescott this is far better than the above!

Punternet is to the sex trade what Hansard is to British politics: A web site which reports the ins and outs of a rough trade. Today a big political beast adds his authority to proceedings. Step forward the former Deputy Prime Minister....

Field Report 6910101010. Posted on August 1, 2006.

From: John Prescott
Sticky Hands Sauna & Massage, Mansfield

The Place: There you go again. You media. Look, I want to make it clear from the outlet that I was there on political business. Discussing The Levellers, a long-held passion of mine. Nothing else.

A long-standing arrangement. Agreed with my diary secretary.


And now that it's been raised in the gutter press, I have of course disclosed it to the Parliamentary watchdog on ethics. Or will do, soon as I’m finished with this unwarranted intrusion from the media.

Description: Nothing fancy, so you can get that out of your minds. Right now.

The staff: I want to say three things about the Sticky Hands:

One. It is an oustanding example of a multicultural community.

Sofia: Must be a Catholic as she says she’s from Italy.

Yasmin: A Muslim, obviously. Albeit white. And with a lot of tattoos.

And the other girl. Wossname, one of those Buddhas.

Two. The way they were dressed was of their own free choice. And I have always believed in a woman’s right to choose. Her underwear. And all the other gubbins.

Comments: Believe you me, the public don’t give a monkeys about this stuff. Oh no. It’s all got up by the BBC. And the gutter press. And the posh papers. Blaggers on the intranet. Sky News. ITN. Channel 4. Left-wing magazines. Heat. Right-wing magazines. Talk Radio. Local newspapers. Richard & Judy. Oprah. Socialist Worker. Private Eye. Jeremy Kyle. Larry King. Larry Sanders. Radio Grimsby. That’s all.


Do I have to repeat that I was in Mansfield on legitimate Government activities? I am handing over a new business model to my successor and when I saw the sign saying Model, I was up for a vigorous debate. The pros and cons. The cut and thrust. A hands-on approach. Bringing my considerable weight to bear on the issues. Pushing my point home. As the voters have every right to expect.


I had no idea that Tony, the manager, has an interest in the Mansfield Yee-Haw Western Theme Park. Nor that it is a candidate for Regional Aid Development Funding and a 24-hour drinks and lap-dancing licence. Plus slot machines. None of these has any relevance to me, in any event, in my role as Minister for Regional Aid, Drinks, Lap-dancing and Slot Machines. So button it.


Recommended: I won't dignify that with an answer.

Would you return: It's just been brought to my attention that some readers might entirely misconstruct my interest in The Levellers with the anarchic rock band of the same name. The Levellers I wanted to discuss was the radical political movement of the 17th century, obviously. So you can stop that intonet hypolink tomfoolery right now. I've given my answer and I've changed it and I'm saying no more on that.

With apologies to: John Prescott and Punternet

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