Saturday, 11 July 2009

All you people can do is say they have better kit now.

It's sad that this war has to be fought, however Afghanistan is quite unstable with the threat of the Taliban and their support from inside Pakistan. This is my first post about Afghanistan but now I feel it is time to comment about it.

The cost in British lives, if you are not aware, is very apparent to the ordinary people of this country. I might also add the Army are very aware of the financial cost and the callous indifference of this Liebore Government to paying a penny more; to provide the squaddies with decent kit so they can better do their job and stand a greater chance of coming home intact.
You people in power are totally to blame for this mess. You sent the boys in without any idea in your empty heads what they were supposed to do when they got there. You still have no strategy. You have consistently denied the Armed Services, in these wars, decent and adequate kit and manpower and you continue to lie about it.
Even now prime minister Brown you are in denial about your callous disregard for the lives and welfare of the soldiers, marines and airmen at the Liebore Government's beck and call. Every Wednesday you pay homage to all the service personnel who lost their lives in your wars.
All your people can do is say they have better kit now. They may have better kit now but is it adequate for the job. No, it is not. It is woefully and disgracefully inadequate.
If we leave now we will be blamed for any future problems in the country and rightly so. If we stay we will be blamed for any future problems in the country and rightly so. We have created a no win situation through our own arrogance and short sightedness.
As our boys continue to die, there seems to be no end to this war. The question is who is supplying arms to Taliban. They cannot fight such a long war without some very active support from some quarters. What are we doing to cut off these supply routes?
My feeling is that as we created the current problems we should do something to help. With hindsight the use of the phrase "It's sad that this war has to be fought", was wrong. I think we should be there doing something to make up for our past mistakes. What this is I don't know?

So come on Brown you saved the world's financial crisis now take charge of the Armed forces and save our troops from more bloodshed.

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