Saturday, 25 July 2009

At last an Honourable Member.

I am not surprised by Andrew MacKinlay's decision. He always comes over as an honest and principled man.

It is a shame that Thurrock will now be deprived of his services. Even more so that it has been brought about by the depths to which his own colleagues have fallen. Can someone please tell me what the Government Whips said to the Liebore MPs to make them change their minds?
This whole nonsense in sending Gary McKinnon to America is just another of the many examples of ''dictatorship'' in action by kamikaze Brown. Despite Brown's protestations that he is ''sympathetic to his plight'' it is just another of the many lies Brown has told us.
He above all people had the absolute power to stop the extradition of McKinnon, but choose not to.
Brown is a hypocrite, a liar, and for this reason he hasn't got a chance in hell of ever being elected by the people of this country. And this is why he will wait until the last possible second before calling an election.

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