Monday, 20 July 2009

Four fingers good, two fingers better!

Damian McPoison, 35, who quit Downing Street over the Tory email scandal, gave an unprecedented insight into the spinning battles between Blairites and Brownites which for years have been officially denied as ever taking place.

A pathetic attempt to rewrite history; newliebour just never stop the spinning. It will only cease once this shambles of a government is thrown out of office.
The very idea that a hand picked advisor working right in the centre of government had hatched a plot his boss knew nothing about just beggars belief. But still they attempt to spin their version of events now that Damian McPoison is off for his rehab at his catholic Alma mater.
Whatever next?
Tony Blair was speechless when he discovered there were no WMDs to be found in Iraq.
David Blunkett was speechless when he found out that sleeping with his girlfriend had got her pregnant.
Gordon Brown was speechless when he learned what the banks had done with his deregulation.

It's not spin, it's new spin like we've never seen it before; so utterly ridiculous and incredible as to be immediately discredited.
What is the point of this government lumbering along lying to us for another ten months?

Call an election.

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