Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Forget the Taliban, Britain's real enemy is the Liebore Party.

Maybe Foulkes, Malloch-Brown and the kamikaze save the world Brown should try a stint on the front line with the equipment currently used by our forces before they start shouting their mouths off.
What gives succour to the enemy is the increasing number of Soldiers killed and wounded by roadside IED's, the predictability of routes taken because of the lack of resources in equipment and helicopters.
Obviously Lord Foulkes has again shown that the self-made regulatory low standards of behaviour of incumbents in the House of Lords can still be devalued further.
Apart from talking utter rubbish in this instance, Foulkes is giving succour & comfort to everyone who wants to see the Liebour party reduced to holding its annual conference in a 'phone-box'.
His efforts would have been better placed in securing proper gear for our lads and lasses out there, and then maybe there would be no need for their commanders to go to the public and media for extra support.

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