Wednesday, 1 July 2009

"Please Sir I have always told the truth”

I listened to PMQ with a sense of de ja vu. The same old nonsense trotted out by the debilitated Prime Minister who still doesn't seem to comprehend that the electorate just don't believe that gorgon Brown can keep on spending funds the nation just doesn't have.
We are up to our eyes in debt for God's sake.
0% increase. Is that the increase in Browns intelligence over the last 12 years. The worst Chancellor and Prime Minister EVER. Even worse than the 'Puppet master' bad is that!
Once again gorgon Brown has got there and lied when he said it the recession makes it impossible to predict future performance. That's exactly what his Chancellor did in his recent budget and calculated his borrowing requirements accordingly for projected Government spending. Brown is beyond contempt.
"I have always told the truth,” the gorgon Brown said in a BBC interview. I have always told people as it is. I have explained we have a deficit reduction plan for the future. But you cannot do that without growth and employment in your economy.
gorgon Brown is clearly delusional, a spitting-image caricature of himself, mired in Orwellian-News speak where black is white and white is black, utterly unable to be straight or honest, acting only in his own interests, not the nation's.Terrible, for the man and the country, that it has reached this.

Lord Meddelson told the House of Lords that there was no prospect of finding a buyer to acquire a 30 per cent stake in Royal Mail in current market conditions. And yet last year when you announced the plans the market conditions were the same as today. Why don't you admit it you got it all wrong!

Mandelson, you are a devious prevaricator, you have been exposed, the country knows you for what you are. We are not all fools and it distresses me to be treated like a fool by the likes of you. I can't wait for the voters of this country to rub your nose in the pungent mess liebour will leave behind.

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