Monday, 27 July 2009

You'd think after 12 years they'd get it, but obviously not.

You will always be 2nd class with Labour!

In a speech to the Universities vice chancellors today Lord Meddleson had a dig at elite universities, asking: “Why, for all the work in the sector and all the seriousness with which it has tackled this question, are we still making only limited progress in widening access to higher education to young people from poorer backgrounds — especially at our most selective universities? It is not enough for universities simply to confer life advantages from one generation of professionals to their children.”

Either snake in the grass Meddleson does not know where the problem is, in which case he would be a fool, or he knows and is just spinning, in which case he is a hypocrite.
If he would waste less time spinning and get on with the job of ensuring that our state schools deliver a reasonable proportion of sixth form students with the intellectual tools necessary for a University education, he would do the country an enormous service.
It is after all, only what New Liebore should have been doing for the last twelve years - or what his grandfather's Old Liebore should have done sixty years ago.
This government has created a large number of 3rd rate "universities" and now seeks to drag our remaining excellent universities down to a remedial level of higher education to match the dreadful and declining standards of the school system. The maxim seems to be quantity not quality in the name of equality. Crass, utterly crass!


  1. Having worked with many university students over the years on "placements" I can say that few are interested in scholarship, and are merely looking for a ticket to a job.

  2. scunnert
    I think you are right my experience says pretty much the same as yours.