Sunday, 19 July 2009

A black Monday, mark my words and you will see.

A Black-Monday-for-kamikaze Brown-as-debts-spiral who will face further pressure to bring Labour’s spiralling public spending under control with a rash of grim warnings about the Government's finances.

What does it take to get this fool out of power?
I am so fed up with all the expense fiasco, the lies, the cheating, the fraud, the back biting, u-turn after u-turn, not giving our troops the resources to do their job, the promised referendums that never were, the spiralling immigration and a promise Not to stop the flow of immigrants until we reach 9 million!

When Brown took control of the countries finances we had:-
A decent private sector pension schemes, now gone.
A stable housing market, now gone.
Reasonable food prices, now gone.
Reasonable fuel prices, now gone.
Reasonable energy prices, now gone.
Reasonable interest paid on savings, now gone.
A country that felt comfortable to live in, now gone.
The billions he lost selling so much of our gold, it now stands at $1000 per ounce!
The billions he spent with the 3 B's on an illegal war in Iraq.
The billions still being spent on a war in Afghanistan that will never be won with all the resultant deaths of our young men.
The billions given to all the immigrants most of which gets sent back home to their families.
The billions of foreign aid which goes straight into dictators pockets.
The billions spent on quangos and useless IT projects.
The billions spent on snoopers and ID cards.
The billions spent on do nothing administrators and his cronies.
The billions spent on the workshy benefit scroungers and last but not least the many billions he has used to bail out the banks who are currently giving the two fingered salute at him and us.
This one eyed buffoon is crippling our proud nation and is laughing at us while he does it - please get him out before it is too late.
This Idiot, was chosen to lead his own party, and not elected to be our Prime Minister by the people. He will not be happy until he has ruined this country and sold it down the "Swanee" into Europe.
He and his dishonest cronies are bankrupting not only this generation, but the next and the next. Any housewife will tell you, you can't spend your way out of debt? "Get it Brown?"
We know he is incapable of doing the right thing, the honest thing, the moral thing. This has been proved time and time again.
It was the same Bumbling wanker who as Chancellor, sowed the seeds for this recession and he will not own up to that either.
The mad one eyed Jock, could not organize sex in a brothel.
He will not only go down in history as this countries only un-elected Prime Minister, but as this countries worst Prime Minister - Ever.
To me it will be Black Monday if this man is still in Downing Street on Tuesday!

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