Monday, 28 September 2009

Snake in the grass Meddlesome, the one person the majority of the populace of Britain want to see come unstuck bigtime.

I have to disagree with Mandelson, yellow streak Gordon Brown did not get to 'grips' with the financial crisis, he was one of the prime causes of it in the UK with his spend, spend and spend policies, resulting in a 'bare cupboard' when the crisis emerged.

Lord Pinocchio speaks! We, the British people have our eyes on the future alright... a future where no Liebore Government is ever allowed into office again, a future without ever having to see Lord Pinocchio Mandelson or hear the garbage that spews from his mouth, a future without the baggy crumpled slack jawed monotonous droning yellow streak Brown, a future without Ed Balls refitting his offices with Muslim prayer rooms at taxpayers expense, a future without the entire sorry lot of these criminals fleecing us for every penny we earn and changing the face of Britain and eroding the British way of life and selling us out to Europe.
Liebore's achievement is a 'country that has totally lost its way, biggest national debt in history, a politicized police force, and the BBC and civil service with more public servants than has ever been known.
The electorate are being treated with contempt if he thinks he has the smallest chance of winning. All the national polls dictate otherwise. His squirming to cling to power was an academy performance.
This ungrateful Nation of ours does not have the right to throw them out of office? The electorate are astute and will deliver their decision on polling day. The quicker that comes the better.
Also, Pinocchio Mandelson did not 'make' a comeback - he was not elected but invited by dear yellow streak Gordon!
Rot in Peace, New Liebore.

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