Sunday, 6 September 2009

He is becoming a laughing stock...if it wasn't so serious! A referendum for the Lisbon Treaty is next?

Yellow streak Gordon Brown sought yesterday to limit the damage caused by the disclosure that he had told victims of the IRA that it was not “appropriate” for him to help them to seek compensation from Libya. Now the yellow streak Prime Minister insisted that he cared “enormously” about victims and would provide government assistance in seeking direct talks with Colonel Gaddafi. This U-turn comes only after today's reports that yellow streak Gordon Brown was personally involved in a decision not to engage Libya on this issue. The British government should have provided active support as a matter of course, not as a result of public pressure. But yellow streak Gordon Brown and the government he leads have long lost their moral compass and this is just another example of the disastrous mess and muddle in which they find themselves on the Megrahi affair.
I wonder what the yellow streak G-Force was rated at in that turn-around. This morning the yellow streak was strictly against pressing Libya on anything remotely to do with taxing Colonel Gadaffi with anything to do with semtex and Northern Ireland. Now, barely 12 hours later, he is all for assistance. Just what is going on here?
Leaders are there to LEAD. They are not there to test the waters and then do what they think is politically correct.
Mr yellow streak Brown is a spineless politician, there only to feather his own and his discredited government's nest.
This is duplicity of the greatest order. Mr yellow streak Brown ... please GO but before you do call a referendum for the Lisbon Treaty!

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