Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Does anybody still believe a word yellow streak Brown says?

Britain's special relationship with the U.S. appeared to be in tatters today as the controversy over the release of the Lockerbie bomber descended into a transatlantic row.
Today in Birmingham yellow streak Gordon Brown tried to quell claims of 'double dealing' by categorically denying there had been any sort of conspiracy with Libya over the fate of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi.
The whole sorry episode stinks of double dealing. We have elected a bunch of people who have no moral fibre, and are seemingly only interested in self gain.
Instead of dealing with the needs of their electorate, these so called "servants of the people" are ignoring the anger and resentment they have caused. The citizens of this country deserve better, and no doubt will desert the major parties in droves at the next election.
The Justice Minister released Ronnie Biggs on compassionate grounds just days before Megrahi. An unexpected change of policy, no doubt to pave the way for a further compassionate release.
This, in my view, implicates Straw in the whole murky business.
This government are just not bright enough to get away with deceit, lies etc If they had come clean, faced the music, toughed it out claiming it was in Britain's best interest then they may have earned some respect.
"The war on terror"so that's the convicted IRA and Lockerbie terrorists all released along with the Afghan / Stansted hijackers, what a tough nation Britain has become under Liebore, the terrorist community must be quaking in their boots.


  1. It certainly does stink, Oliver.

    "... these so called "servants of the people" are ignoring the anger and resentment they have caused."

    They don't care about the electorate; they have power [that they have granted themselves] and don't need our 'consent'.

    The only thing they're worried about is an uprising.

    Should the Lisbon Treaty be ratified in October, they will have the power to quell all 'dissidents' - and a dissident will be anything poloticos define them to be.

  2. Fausty, yes I agree with what your saying BUT I really hope and pray that the Irish will do the right thing and vote 'NO' for the sake of Europe.