Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Equality, what equality, under Liebore that means preferential treatment,for anyone but the law abiding taxpayer.

Gipsy's and travellers are to get special favours under planning guidelines when Harriet Harman's equality law comes into force, ministers admitted yesterday.
This hideous, odious, ignorant, arrogant woman is to give Gipsy's special favours, how about finding them gainful employment so they can start paying income tax, Ni contributions, council tax, ground rent, utility bills, etc.
This government has never listened to the voting public, it is a Marxist extreme left wing government where the majority of its politicians have been members of the the communist or Marxist parties.
It is blatantly obvious to all normal thinking people that this is basically a dictatorship and it has steered this country down the road to ruin for its own left wing political ends.
Everyone should be treated the same, no favours, no special measures, no positive discrimination, as all those I have listed are discriminatory.
So if the bills about equality, let there be equality, everyone facing the same rules and restrictions without exception.


  1. There is nothing "left wing" about the New Labour Party.

  2. Something you should read ...

    Amongst other things, it shows how 700 rapes are turned into 70,000 by people like Harriet Harman in order to pursue their own ambitions.