Tuesday, 13 October 2009

"Jacqui Smith's career facing ruin after devastating expenses verdict" - Good!

The Liebore Party claims to be of, and for, the working masses.
The sums involved for just one MP are beyond the dreams of avarice for millions of loyal Liebore Party supporters.

"Jack boot Jacqui Smith has claimed at least £116,000 in second-home allowances over the period examined"
Considering what you have claimed in expenses for a second home Ms Smith, there are millions in this country who simply cannot buy a house for that amount of money.
Most importantly, for the vast majority of people, that £116,000 would equate to a mortgage that would take a lifetime of hard work to repay.
I find this so disgusting from a socialist party that is supposed to represent the hard working people of this country. You have clearly chosen to act like a greedy capitalist and place your huge snout in the trough along with the other swine's and take money from the very people you are supposed to be representing.
An apology will not be enough, your resignation will be! After that you may trot back to Redditch and enjoy a lifetime of disgrace from political life.


  1. Piggy Smith is face and the reality of Socialism.

    However, politicians of all
    persuasions tend to have the 'do what I say, not what I do' attitude.

    Personally, I hate them all.