Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The BNP membership have sussed out Griffin.

Nick Griffin could face a fresh challenge as leader of the BNP after his performance on Question Time.
His critics within the party say he "fluffed" the chance to make the case for nationalism to the British people.
Just as David Cameron hopes yellow streak Brown will remain leader of his party, I hope Nick Griffin will long remain leader of his. The other panel members on QT especially Jack Straw put up a poor showing, but much less so than Griffin who had much more at stake. Here we saw, was not a man of towering intellect, in spite of his fabled Cambridge education. He revealed himself as a cunning and devious slug of a man, one minute blustering pompous, the next trembling, dry mouthed, and appeared to be completely at a loss and out of his depth in a public platform.
Preaching to the converted of his party members, we see footage of him striking poses, rallying the faithful, he makes a cunning agent provocateur with a haranguing style that relies totally on division and hatred.
There is no mileage in Griffin outside of his party. His complacency and self regard weaken him to the extent that he comes across as a fool and a buffoon.
Long may he remain leader of the BNP.

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