Wednesday, 28 October 2009

This Government is a disgrace.

Charles Haddon-Cave QC Report on the tragic storey of the NIMROD is a judgement on this Governments failures. He should be applauded by every servicemen, their families and the whole country for showing up the inefficiencies of the MOD.
Listening to Bob Ainsworth's saying "sorry" for what happened he thinks "sorry" is enough for loved ones left behind. He should consider resigning. So should yellow streak Gordon Brown, or better still call an election.
Ever since this useless government came into power it has reduced it's defence budget while at the same time over-committing our forces.
It is this culture of savings over safety which is at the root of many, if not most of the casualties in Afghanistan, and while some serving officers may be blameworthy, it is this pervasive culture, spawned by this government, which is primarily to blame. If we cannot afford to properly equip our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, and keep that equipment in a properly serviceable condition then, irrespective of political considerations, we should pull out of there.
They have treated them like second class citizens breaking the covenant. I am heartbroken for these families who have to pick up the pieces just because the government failed in it's duty to care for our service personnel.
This Government is a disgrace.
Not one of them are fit for purpose can't wait for them all to go.

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