Sunday, 25 October 2009

David 'Monkey'Miliband -- have you NO shame?

Miliband said that a Blair presidency would be ''very good for Britain as well as very good for Europe'' and said he was ''puzzled'' by Conservative opposition to the prospect of having a British politician in such a senior European role.
Milliband -- have you NO shame?
Tony Blair is a deceptive and slick man who has ruined Britain; destroyed the greatness of a place that had been the envy of the world and turned it into a laughing stock.
Whilst he was the Prime Minister this country became involved in two conflicts. The justification for the Iraq War is somewhat suspect and the other one in Afghanistan has been badly led by the Americans who have now got themselves into a Vietnam style conflict. Blair has responsibility. He rushed into the conflict to keep friendly and on good terms with President Bush Junior. Blair's handling of these conflicts does not lend himself for such a prestigious post.
The only place this man should go is The Hague and stand trial. Oh, yes, he will stop traffic -- for protests which he will ignore and other demonstrations.
People do not like him; they do not trust him yet MPs like Miliband can't see that.
Please Mr Blair; disappear with your wife into the woodwork and never be seen or heard from again. Miliband, you need to look very hard at this man you want as President of the EU -- he will be nothing short of a disaster.
Blair is the most despicable candidate for such a prestigious position. Some would say he is a slippery character, slime ball comes to mind. A war monger who changes his mind depending on the circumstances. He has shown himself to be only for self and what is in it for himself. He should be shown the door. He is not wanted. He is not worthy. A Churchill he is not.
God help us all if is forced on us from the Brussels bureaucracy .

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