Monday, 19 October 2009

The 'free-speech' brigade have forgotten it runs both ways!

Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, the more the BNP is brought into focus and perceived to be a victim of a hate campaign, the more popular it will become. The best plan of action would have been to ignore it and to deny any media coverage. But, of course, that would not help my blog.
The British National Party is a legitimate political party, and has every right to appear on Question Time, and to air their belief's and policies. Whether you agree with them or not.
If the British National Party cannot appear, then no party can. However, what makes the British National Party completely legitimate, is it has two(2) elected MEP's and lot's of Councillor's. If this is not fascism at play by MP's of Liebore, then I don't know what is!
To all those standing outside the BBC with their posters demanding No racism etc Listen UP! Millions of us here in this country have had enough immigration and are tired of the way our own culture is at the bottom of the pile. You can shout and scream as much as you like now but it wont be anything like as loud as you will be screaming when Islam forces you to accept that way of life.

And the odious pig in the trough Hain, not content with his intrepid services to himself, his tan, Wales and Southern Africa applies himself to his limits once again and once again shows himself as a dim, narrow minded bigot. In his TV interview last night he kept referring to the BBC invitation to the"fascist" BNP( he seems strangely obsessed with fascism) seemingly unaware that it was not an invitation to the BNP but simply one to, love him or loathe him, a person in the public eye. However loathsome 'the slug' Griffin may be, in a pluralist society which enshrines the right of free speech, he should be heard.
To rule otherwise would immediately destroy any political credibility the BBC has, and demonstrate that freedom of speech in this country is a thing of the past. And the odious Hain and his fascistic control-freak friends will be recognised as the ones who destroyed it.


  1. Aye Oliver - who are the fascists?

  2. Its a strange world that we are in today.