Saturday, 17 October 2009

Alan Johnson and his filthy communist cohorts would be very happy to ban all opposition.

Alan Johnson should ask himself why the BNP has gone from having 1 local councillor when Labour came to power in 1997 to having over 100 today, plus 2 MEPs and a London assembly member - and nearly 1 million voters nationally. Could any of Liebore's policies have something to do with it, I wonder?
Like it or not, the BNP and its despicable views have been recently endorsed by the best part of a million voters. It's no good Mr Johnson trying to muzzle the BNP; censorship just plays into their hands. The right to free speech, providing that speech is within the law, is not reserved exclusively for those we agree with. I have no time for the ultra-left BNP, but there is irony when a Home Secretary achieves his position by re-interpreting the meaning of democracy to suit his own ideology and agenda, then condemns others for doing the same is a bit rich.
I hope the other parties will be intelligent about debating them. Mostly people who say they want to challenge them act so hysterically self-righteous that the BNP are allowed to come across as the reasonable ones. It's when they're given sensible questions about their policies that they tend to struggle. "What exactly will you do if minorities don't want to be voluntarily repatriated?" for example.
The BNP is a bit like a broken clock that is showing the correct time by accident rather than because it is working. Yes mass immigration and multiculturalism are disastrous policies but that does not mean Nick Griffin is a right-minded person or has the solutions.

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