Sunday, 25 October 2009

Tell me again, why are the Tories considered the 'nasty' party?

Yellow streak Gordon Brown faces a “winter of discontent” of damaging industrial disputes following last week’s gloomy news on the economy.
I'd sing that old Liebore favourite. 'Things can only get better.' And of course they will eventually.........!
I think "discontent" is a serious understatement. "Absolutely sick to the back teeth" is more like it, or perhaps a less polite language would be appropriate. I think after borrowing and wasting all that amount of money, a little swearing would be unsurprising, especially as we are the ones who will have to pay it all back. The only surprise is that they stayed in power this long, but then again it was the last Tory Government who gave them too good a economy to play with. So they had more time to waste OUR money, before the failed ideas caught up with them.Yellow streak Brown has a few more months to invest more borrowed money, into daft ideas, before he is dismissed.
Labour won the last three elections but it always ends the same way: colossal unemployment, strikes, and garbage piling up in the streets. But I suppose 'new' Liebore is different; now we get Wars in Afghanistan, hordes of immigrants, no referendum on the Lisbon treaty and a discredited parliament thrown in as well, and the list goes on and on and on!
I pity the next government who has to attempt to clear up this mess.
Tell me again, why are the Tories considered the 'nasty' party?

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