Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Obama it's none of your business at all.

The Obama Administration has voiced concern that Conservative plans to unpick the Lisbon treaty would cause a rupture between Europe and a British government led by David Cameron.
My words to you are No thank you Mr. Obama. We did not ask for your opinion, and we really don't want your opinion. You have already snubbed, slapped and sought to humiliate the British people and their elected leaders. You are one of the most arrogant, and elitist politicians on the world stage. He's even urged Europe to open up its borders to Turkey of all places.
Polls consistently show that the Lisbon Treaty is unpopular in the UK. Some opinion polls show that a majority of people want to leave the EU altogether. It should not be Obama worried about David Cameron, but Obama worried about the British public having their say.
If Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, or any other American for that matter want an explanation, here it is.
How would you like to pay billions of US tax dollars into an American Union pot each year, and watch as unelected officials (whose book keeping is so poor their accounts have not been signed off for over 13 years) give you back only a percentage of that sum? The rest being spread around projects in other countries from around South America, with huge sums going missing through fraud?
How would you like the flag of an alien entity to be flown alongside the stars and stripes from public buildings?
Get the picture? You wouldn't like it. Nor do most of us.

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