Friday, 30 October 2009

McNulty issued his 'grovelling apology' and then went on BBC News saying that he had done nothing wrong.

'grovelling apology'

I listened to McNulty's apology and his interview later of BBC radio 5. It struck me that he was actually apologising for being caught rather than acknowledging that he had ripped of the tax payer. How can anybody justify a claim for a second home allowance when his first home was only a few miles away.
Is this the same McNulty who as a Home Office Minister embraced zero tolerance? If so, that would have been at the same time as he was making "careless" claims for benefits he was not entitled to. The bare faced hypocritical dishonesty of today's "apology" beggars belief. Its just that they have to live by the rules that the likes of creeps such as McNulty enact.


  1. Brown is a tosser and his government is the worst we've ever had, every one of them is a hateful shit, they have bankrupted us, ruined all our standards and institutions previously envied by the world.
    They have taken the great out of Britain and how I will rejoice when that useless one eyed Scottish wanker is removed at the election.
    The Lords was once a necessary moderator to the elected chamber, now it is full of talentless thieving turds put there by labour.
    It needs to be repaired with life peers not political lickspittles or disbanded completely.

  2. Sean, I couldn't agree with you more. I too will rejoice next year when they are sent packing.

  3. I wonder just how much more damage Brown will be able to inflict on us before we boot him and his disgusting party into oblivion?