Monday, 5 October 2009

If you can vote no, no, no until you say yes then if you say yes, yes, yes, until you say no, should be a RIGHT.

We the people of the United Kingdom, in common with the large majority of the peoples of the EU who have been denied a referendum, are being humiliated and marginalised by a mere handful of ministers, EU commissioners and other apparatchiks across the continent. The various domestic parliaments etc. have been suborned, and the guilty men have made a preposterous attempt to cover up what they are about by the fig-leaf name 'Lisbon Treaty' for what is a thoroughgoing pan-European federalist constitution,but why take it out on the Tories?
If you remember it was that wonderful duo and con-artists Bliar and yellow streak Brown who promised us one at the last General Election.
I would have preferred a march on Downing Street as soon as we were told no to a Referendum to demand an answer from the then Prime Minister as to why they had gone back on their word and deceived the electorate.
Let the country, the voters, the democracy of this country, truly decide if we want to be a part of this type of Europe, I personally think the answer will be NO as Britain's are not sheep and will not be led by people outside of its shores, my relatives voted for a free Britain, not for a Britain run by a government in another country run by faceless people we don't know and who do not have this countries best interest at heart.


  1. Time to get angry - time to get off our knees.

  2. Scunnert,I wish there were more people like you.