Friday, 23 October 2009

Straw - Blowing in the wind.

Straw represents all that I viscerally hate and fear about New Liebore. I cannot wait to see him out of government where he can do this country no further harm with his plotting, his sail-trimming, his lies, his curtailment of freedoms, his mealy mouth. He has been one of the very worst of lying and corrupt ministers in a government which for years has blazed a trail in that regard.
How can a man be named Minister of Justice when his own son was slapped on the wrist for a crime that would have seen any of us humble people sent down for 10 years?
I would like to know more too about Griffin's revelation that Straw's father was sent to prison for refusing to fight and how that correlates with Straw's rather gleeful prosecutions against people that refused to deploy to Iraq for instance...
But this is the Orwellian world of New Liebore, where the Minister for Justice helps his own offspring evade justice and bringing down harsh justice on everyone else, where the first Children's Commissioner is one that has been accused of assisting paedophiles evade justice, where the leaders have claimed to bask in the light of truth, freedom and democracy and have done everything but work for those ideals leaving a horrendous death toll abroad and a nation here in tatters through their corrupt and incompetent mismanagement of our country.
Anyone that votes for New Liebore in the forthcoming election is nothing more than a damned fool. Let us hope that Labour re- asserts itself back to a caring and socialist party geared to putting British people first, second and third, or if they cannot they remain unelectable for a very long time.


  1. Too late - Labour no longer represent the interests of the British working class.