Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Christmas fine, but in which decade!

Yellow streak Gordon Brown gave the ultimate hostage to fortune this morning by stating categorically that the British economy would be growing again by Christmas.

This masterpiece ranks alongside "no more boom and bust" and "...we not only saved the world..." as among the most memorable of this Moron's most famous utterings. It makes you wonder what figures he and his corrupt cronies are busily massaging to make this miracle happen!
It may have escaped yellow streak Brown's deluded mind that the next quarter's figures will not be published until the third week in January. So, he is going to do what comes naturally, lie about it again.
This country has been living on borrowed time for too long now. The "prosperity" of the last decade was an illusion funded on the back of excessive bank lending and a property bubble which allowed people to withdraw the "equity" in their homes to fund a lifestyle they could not afford. With no real industry left, yes, I know we have some, but a lot of it is specialised and small scale, dwindling reserves of oil and gas, rising unemployment and a national debt most of which is off the books, PFIs and public sector pension commitments that is out of control, I see no way of returning to our glorious past.
Instead I see the rise of the East and the BRIC economies and the slow grind down of western living standards.
Anyone with any sense will leave this sinking ship, or at the very least, start taking Mandarin language lessons.


  1. Christmas is illegal in NOAHide land. So Gordon is doomed to have his liver ripped out over and over again. Let me just repeat that bit, it feels soooo good. Over and over and over...

  2. You sound a wee bit down Oliver. Cheer up. True the UK is insolvent and unlikely to recover in our lifetime. True also that the UK is due to be made redundant with the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty. And yes control of our future is now in the hands of foreigners and predatory transnational corporations. And okay - we have lost control of our borders and our cities are being swamped by Islamic hordes whose hearts desire is to behead us all.

    I think I'll go lie down now ...

  3. Scunnert, all I can do is agree with your comment but I won't lie down. I will continue with my fight against this bloody corrupt government and its lying leader.