Sunday, 11 October 2009

Why am I not surprised that the thieving scum are crying 'foul'. I think we've already established that, just because the rules allowed it, MPs didn't

And so it goes on. These MPs who are refusing to pay money back are not only arrogant but lacking in morals. In my view the majority of the claims we have read about were never within the original guideline anyway. As such, their actions amount to a criminal deception.
The guidelines stated that that they could only claim costs that were wholly and necessary for them to do their job. How can televisions that cost thousands of pounds instead of a few hundred qualify? Since when could an MP not do their job without having hanging baskets etc, etc? Did MPs "abide by the rules and standards" when making their claims? I think not. They deserve everything they get. "A second investigation would drag on past the general election, after which there are no mechanisms to force them to pay up."
Of course there are. A legal prosecution for fraud, as is the case for anyone defrauding the company he/she works for by submitting fraudulent expenses claims.
The "within the rules" excuse is a red herring. These "rules" were drawn up by MPs themselves and therefore constitute a conspiracy to defraud.
I have not seen the "rules" (who has, outside Parliament?) but I assume they contain some wording requiring valid expenses to be only those made entirely and necessarily in the performance of Parliamentary duties. If this is not the case, why not? And if not, making the case for conspiracy even stronger.
MPs obviously do not yet understand how arrogant and greedy they have been, or how the real world outside Westminster operates. Quote: Liebore MP John Mann said he had spoken to several colleagues who are preparing to fight. 'There are going to be some very bitter MPs who feel that Legg is being unreasonable,' he said. 'It will get messy, very messy. Some are hiring solicitors.
I have got news for you Mr Mann. There are a lot of very bitter voters, that your thieving MPs have ripped off. As taxpayers, it is our money that they have stolen, and we want it back. As for the solicitors, I hope these are not going to be claimed on expenses.

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