Friday, 16 October 2009

Why is Mandelson the business secretary for this country not getting involved?

Who's to blame for this mess? The Government? The RM management? The workforce? Or the Unions?
This strike will run on and on.

The CWU's objective ("We don't like what you're doing. Stop") is too vague to have any chance of success.
The union will end up broken and their members will have lost money to no purpose.
Surely in situations like this, in an industry vital to the wider economy, the Government should be able to force the two parties to independent binding arbitration?
It's hard to judge any side without the full changes in conditions being published by RM and the Unions objections published. The world currently sees either a disruptive management or a Union operating the same policies as the current Government - Scorched Earth.
The Management should be acting for the long term planning and survival of the company. The Unions are their to ensure members terms and conditions are not too greatly affected.
What I currently see is a Union trying to block changes to modernise an archaic company that need to change to make profits for the taxpayer. Standards have affected the public over the years with the postal service degrading badly.
Postal workers, whoever is at fault - management or unions - your actions will put you on the dole queue as your business goes down the pan. It would take one player to branch out and take your business away. When you apply for jobs, would a new company take you on when they saw you worked for the post office (knowing the staff helped destroy the company)....I would not.

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