Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Keep it up please Mervyn.

Good on Mervyn for speaking up. He is spot on, absolutely nothing has changed, as the country gurgles its death rattle under a blanket of made up cash and positive spin.
The unearned bonus's and risk taking that got us in this mess was disgraceful state of affairs showing many many people found lacking, and now we all know the level of theft (because that's what it was) that was occurring, it is happening again! I Just cant believe it, I don't think the guys supposedly in charge know how angry normal people are.
No-one is worth that much, no matter how 'skilled', they get paid it seems to have the brass neck to rip everyone off.
The evidence should be written in 2,000 mile high letters: Yellow streak Gordon Brown is the Bernie Madoff of politics. The man who created an epic global bubble of debt, exported it all around the world, then when it went pop, he unleashed even more debt in the form of public obligations. Bernie promised an unbelievable guaranteed 10 percent profits a year: Yellow streak Gordon promised no more boom or bust. Same game, just different words.
While yellow streak Brown will be nicely ensconced in a million dollar gig at some international agency by next year, far from the UK, the rest of us will have to pay the consequences. Can Liebore be forgiven for this? I don't think so: It is on an epic scale and is far worse than anything the Tories pulled off in their years in power.
Keep it up please Mervyn.

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