Friday, 9 October 2009

The mere presence of Bliar is an affront to all those who have served Queen and Country.

I have listened to and watched the party conference season it's made me so depressed. This wretched prime minister must call an election because surely this cannot go on until May next year when many expect the election to be called. For example, yellow streak Brown will apparently make a decision, wonder of wonders, about sending yet more soldiers to the front line in Afghanistan where, in the cap badge logo of Harry, 'we do bad things to bad people'. So, how on earth can an unelected PM legitimately take such a decision, when he might not have to suffer the consequences of his actions. Parliament must hold a debate, people must express their reasoning behind such a move, it is parliament which must decide, in the full glare of televised debate. We can't apparently be told how many helicopters we have in Afghanistan for security reasons, yet we can tell the enemy that we are sending an extra 945 of our finest troops, the finest soldiers in the world, to defeat you. On the day that we are holding a service of remembrance for the soldiers who died in the Iraq 'operation' Bliar will be at the ceremony today because he will go to confession first, because he like, like yellow streak Brown, has blood on his hands. Harsh but true. For yellow streak Brown, he seems not to understand that because of his decisions, because of his actions, their are mothers and fathers who will not be able to cradle the sons and daughters who have died because of them, directly because of them. I mean not only ours but also Iraqis, Afghans, Americans and many other nations have lost loved ones because of the politicians.

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