Monday, 12 October 2009

Prosecute the whole greedy lot. Including yellow streak Brown and Bliar. Oh sorry I forgot, some how the paperwork for Bliar's claims have been lost.

An MP is supposed to be a public servant. Therefore their expenses should always be reasonable. That is the criterion Legg is applying. It is quite right to apply that rule over the period of the current parliament. Personally I am not concerned about these odd retrospective sums, I would like to see prosecutions for cases of fraud and if any MP is found to have gained material benefit from their activities such as the procurement of property and profit associated with house flipping, that these proceeds be confiscated, they should be dismissed and subject to criminal prosecution. The work of an MP should always seen as public service. Therefore there should be no room for careerists.
If these people .... no matter what party ... can't be honest and straight forward about their expenses - why on earth are we trusting them to manage this country's affairs in this 'global' environment they've dragged us into.
It seems to me it's time for a dramatic overhaul how our affairs are run, and a system of accountability to the people of this nation ......... what say you! And I dread to think what we are in for if the other 'self-indulgent twister' Bliar takes up the baton in Europe.
George Orwell sums this nicely up: "All Animals are equal but some are more equal than others"
So how about a new rule for the next election:
Anyone who wants to stand as a parliamentary candidate should be debarred from standing by virtue of the fact they want to be an MP.

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