Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has backed his old chum Tony Blair for President of Europe in an open letter to Il Foglio....

Why the hell should I stop hating this man who has lied to this country from the days before he came to power? Whiter than white, education, education, education!

This is a man who has over seen the dismantling of democracy in this country, under his leadership he has sold us into a war we should have had no part in, he has sold us down the river, sold off our gold reserves to prop up the Euro and gain favour in Europe. And all the time him and that vile creature he calls a wife have been pocketing public money, amassing a private fortune and colluding with his mates in Brussels to make him EU president. Mr Bliar corrupted the political processes and long established institution. His spin 24/7, eye catching initiative each day, five elective wars, misleading of the Parliament, botching of the Peerages for money, abandoning promised EU referendum to name but a few of his misdemeanour ruined our country and trust in our cherished institutions.
He is repugnant, he has no redeeming qualities, the fact that he crawls over the earth proves to me their is no god because a god could not allow an abomination like Bliar to exist.

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