Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Lions led by donkeys.

Yellow streak Gordon Brown refused to send more soldiers to Afghanistan against the advice of senior military figures, the former head of the Army has said.
General Sir Richard Dannatt said he was 'disappointed' that British soldiers in Helmand province were left to fight on without reinforcements after his plea for 2,000 extra soldiers was refused.
Sir Richard's bombshell outburst will be an intense embarrassment for yellow streak Gordon Brown who has previously promised Our Boys "whatever they want".
So what, the yellow streak and his Ministers have a well earned reputation for breaking their promises, in particular when it comes to the Armed Forces.
This "Control Freak Regime" look at our brave forces as nothing more than a hindrance, same as the pensioners and sick, the only thing that matters to them is the amount of £'s they can pocket before they get thrown out of office!
How dare Postman Pat Johnson and Ainsworthless show their faces in Afghanistan like they actually care - all they have done, under the orders of Fuhrer yellow streak Brown, is smear, lie, connive and deceive. Their nothing more than traitors to the brave people of this country, they should be tried for treason; including everyone in the Liarbore party and sentenced accordingly.
Why is it that yellow streak Browns known antipathy towards the armed forces has not been explored in more depth in the media? When you see all the Communist links to and within the Liebore Party why is it that no-one in the media joins up the dots?

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